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1. Model fit estimation for multilevel structural equation models 2019 L Rappaport, A Amstadter, M Neale Clinical Psychology
2. Snakes, coils, and single-track circuit codes with spread k 2013 Simon Hood, Daniel Recoskie, Joe Sawada, Dennis Wong Combinatorial Algorithms
3. Oxidation induced softening in Al nanowires 2013 F.G. Sen, Y. Qi, A.C.T. van Duin, A.T. Alpas Tribology
4. First measurement of the bulk flow of nearby galaxies using the cosmic microwave background 2013 G Lavaux, N Afshordi, M J Hudson
5. Prediction of Mutant mRNA Splice Isoforms by Information Theory-Based Exon Definition 2013 EJ Mucaki, B Shirley, PK Rogan Bioinformatics
6. Coupling MD particles to a Lattice-Boltzmann fluid through the use of conservative forces 2013 F. E. Mackay, C. Denniston Soft Condensed Matter Physics
7. The hydrodynamic radius of particles in the hybrid lattice Boltzmann-molecular dyanmics method 2013 S.T.T. Ollila, C.J. Smith, T. Ala-Nissila, C. Denniston Soft Condensed Matter Physics
8. Phenylcyanamide Ruthenium Scorpionate Complexes 2013 C. Harb,P. Kravtsov,M. Choudhuri,E.R. Sirianni, G.P. A. Yap, A. B. P. Lever and R. J. Crutchley Inorganic Chemistry
9. Proton induced Disproportionation of a Ruthenium Non-innocent Ligand Complex yielding a Strong Oxidant and a Strong Reductant 2013 M. Kapovsky, C. Dares, E. Dodsworth, R. Begum, V. Raco, and A. B. P. Lever Inorganic Chemistry
10. Geometrical frustration and static correlations in hard-sphere glass formers 2013 B. Charbonneau, P. Charbonneau, G. Tarjus geometry
11. Parameterization of the proline analogue Aze (azetidine-2-carboxylic acid) for molecular dynamics simulations and evaluation of its effect on homo-pentapeptide conformations 2013 K. Bessonov, K.A. Vassall, G. Harauz Myelin And Multiple Sclerosis
12. Tribology of fluorinated diamond-like carbon coatings: first principles calculations and sliding experiments 2013 F.G. Sen, Y. Qi, A.T. Alpas Tribology
13. Entanglement scaling in two-dimensional gapless systems 2012 H Ju, AB Kallin, P Fendley, MB Hastings, RG Melko Condensed Matter Theory
14. A computational study of the thermal cis-to-trans isomerization of N-(phenylazo)-substituted N heterocycles 2012 J. Fu, M. Barra Physical Organic Chemistry
15. Robust Nodal d-Wave Spectrum in Simulations of a Strongly Fluctuating Competing Order in Underdoped Cuprate Superconductors 2012 W. A. Atkinson, J. D. Bazak, B. M. Andersen Condensed Matter Theory
16. Hydrodynamic forces on steady and oscillating porous particles 2012 S.T.T. Ollila, T.Ala-Nissila, C. Denniston Soft Condensed Matter Physics
17. Non-local energy transfers in rotating turbulence at intermediate Rossby number 2012 L. Bourouiba, D. N. Straub, and M. L. Waite Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
18. Räumliche Modellierung von geographischen Verbreitungsmustern mit innovativen Methoden der Statistik und des Maschinellen Lernens 2012 A. Brenning Earth Surface Science
19. Adding the spatial dimension to the assessment of predictive performance of and variable importance in statistical and machine-learning models 2012 A. Brenning Earth Surface Science
20. Numerical study of a HCCI engine fuelled with biogas 2012 Visakhamoorthy, S., Tzanetakis, T., Haggith, D., Sobiesiak, A. and Wen J.Z. Multi Scale Modeling Of Nanomaterial Synthesis And Applications