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161. Microscopic dipole-exchange theory for planar nanostriped magnonic crystals 2011 Hoa Nguyen, M. G. Cottam Condensed Matter Theory And Statistical Mechanics
162. Quantitative assessment of upstream source influences on total gaseous mercury observations in Ontario, Canada 2011 2.1. D. Wen, J. C. Lin, F. Meng, P. K. Gbor, Z. He, and J. J. Sloan Atmospheric Sciences
163. An Efficient Graphics Processing Unit-Based Parallel Algorithm for Pricing Multi-Asset American Options 2011 Duy Minh Dang, Christina C. Christara and Kenneth R. Jackson Scientific Computing
164. Theoretical and experimental study of the weakly bound CO2-(para-H2)2 trimer 2011 Hui Li, A. R. W. McKellar, Robert J. Le Roy and Pierre-Nicholas Roy Quantum Molecular Dynamics
165. Path integral Monte Carlo simulations of 4HeN-N2O clusters using a highly accurate analytical He-N2O potential energy surface 2011 Lecheng Wang, Daiqian Xie, Hua Guo, Hui L, Robert J. Le Roy, and Pierre-Nicholas Roy Quantum Molecular Dynamics
166. Discrete Reaction Diffusion Fronts in Random Media 2011 S. Goroshin, F.D. Tang, A.J. Higgins Combustion
167. The transcription factor cyclic AMP-responsive element-binding protein H regulates triglyceride metabolism. 2011 Lee JH, Giannikopoulos P, Duncan SA, Wang J, Johansen CT, Brown JD, Plutzky J, Hegele RA, Glimcher LH, Lee AH Genetics Of Human Diseases
168. Clinical Implications of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing for Cardiovascular Disease Risk. 2011 Austin SE, Hegele RA Genetics Of Human Diseases
169. An increased burden of common and rare lipid-associated risk alleles contributes to the phenotypic spectrum of hypertriglyceridemia. 2011 Johansen CT, Wang J, Lanktree MB, McIntyre AD, Ban MR, Martins RA, Kennedy BA, Hassell RG, Visser ME, Schwartz SM, Voight BF, Elosua R, Salomaa V, O'Donnell CJ, Dallinga-Thie GM, Anand SS, Yusuf S, Huff MW, Kathiresan S, Cao H, Hegele RA. Genetics Of Human Diseases
170. Bias due to selection of rare variants using frequency in controls. 2011 Johansen CT, Wang J, Hegele RA. Genetics Of Human Diseases
171. Meta-analysis of Dense Genecentric Association Studies Reveals Common and Uncommon Variants Associated with Height. 2011 326. Lanktree MB, Guo Y, Murtaza M, Glessner JT, Bailey SD, Onland-Moret NC, Lettre G, Ongen H, Rajagopalan R, Johnson T, Shen H, Nelson CP, Klopp N, Baumert J, Padmanabhan S, Pankratz N, Pankow JS, Shah S, Taylor K, Barnard J, Peters BJ, M Maloney C, Lobmeyer MT, Stanton A, Zafarmand MH, Romaine SP, Mehta A, van Iperen EP, Gong Y, Price TS, Smith EN, Kim CE, Li YR, Asselbergs FW, Atwood LD, Bailey KM, Bhatt D, Bauer F, Behr ER, Bhangale T, Boer JM, Boehm BO, Bradfield JP, Brown M, Braund PS, Burton PR, Carty C, Chandrupatla HR, Chen W, Connell J, Dalgeorgou C, Boer A, Drenos F, Elbers CC, Fang JC, Fox CS, Frackelton EC, Fuchs B, Furlong CE, Gibson Q, Gieger C, Goel A, Grobbee DE, Hastie C, Howard PJ, Huang GH, Johnson WC, Li Q, Kleber ME, Klein BE, Klein R, Kooperberg C, Ky B, Lacroix A, Lanken P, Lathrop M, Li M, Marshall V, Melander O, Mentch FD, J Meyer N, Monda KL, Montpetit A, Murugesan G, Nakayama K, Nondahl D, Onipinla A, Rafelt S, Newhouse SJ, Otieno FG, Patel SR, Putt ME, Rodriguez S, Safa RN, Sawyer DB, Schreiner PJ, Simpson C, Sivapalaratnam S, Srinivasan SR, Suver C, Swergold G, Sweitzer NK, Thomas KA, Thorand B, Timpson NJ, Tischfield S, Tobin M, Tomaszweski M, Verschuren WM, Wallace C, Winkelmann B, Zhang H, Zheng D, Zhang L, Zmuda JM, Clarke R, Balmforth AJ, Danesh J, Day IN, Schork NJ, de Bakker PI, Delles C, Duggan D, Hingorani AD, Hirschhorn JN, Hofker MH, Humphries SE, Kivimaki M, Lawlor DA, Kottke-Marchant K, Mega JL, Mitchell BD, Morrow DA, Palmen J, Redline S, Shields DC, Shuldiner AR, Sleiman PM, Smith GD, Farrall M, Jamshidi Y, Christiani DC, Casas JP, Hall AS, Doevendans PA, D Christie J, Berenson GS, Murray SS, Illig T, Dorn GW 2nd, Cappola TP, Boerwinkle E, Sever P, Rader DJ, Reilly MP, Caulfield M, Talmud PJ, Topol E, Engert JC, Wang K, Dominiczak A, Hamsten A, Curtis SP, Silverstein RL, Lange LA, Sabatine MS, Trip M, Saleheen D, Peden JF, Cruickshanks KJ, März W, O'Connell JR, Klungel OH, Wijmenga C, Maitland-van der Zee AH, Schadt EE, Johnson JA, Jarvik GP, Papanicolaou GJ, Hugh Watkins on behalf of PROCARDIS, Grant SF, Munroe PB, North KE, Samani NJ, Koenig W, Gaunt TR, Anand SS, van der Schouw YT, Meena Kumari on behalf of the Whitehall II Study and the WHII 50K Group, Soranzo N, Fitzgerald GA, Reiner A, Hegele RA, Hakonarson H, Keating BJ. Genetics Of Human Diseases
172. Evaluation of HPC architectures for BRAMS numerical weather model 2011 E. S. Almeida, M. A. Bauer, A. L. Fazenda
173. The Molecular Basis of EPAC Auto-Inhibition as Revealed by the Comparative NMR Analysis of EPAC1 Mutants 2011 Rajeevan Selvaratnam, Bryan VanSchouwe, Giuseppe Melacini Biophysics, Proteins
174. ROLE OF DYNAMICS IN THE AUTO-INHIBITION AND ACTIVATION OF THE EXCHANGE PROTEIN DIRECTLY ACTIVATED BY CYCLIC AMP (EPAC) 2011 Bryan VanSchouwen1, Rajeevan Selvaratnam1, Federico Fogolari3 and Giuseppe Melacini1,2* Biophysics, Proteins
175. A Glimpse at the Chemistry of GeH2 in Solution. Direct Detection of an Intramolecular GermyleneAlkene π-Complex 2011 P. S. Billone, K. Beleznay, C. R. Harrington, L. A. Huck, and W. J. Leigh Reactive Intermediates In Organic And Organometallic Chemistry
176. Silanones and Silanethiones from the Reactions of Transient Silylenes with Oxiranes and Thiiranes in Solution. The Direct Detection of Diphenylsilanethione. 2011 S. S. Kostina and W. J. Leigh Reactive Intermediates In Organic And Organometallic Chemistry
177. Disorder-induced zero-bias anomaly in the Anderson-Hubbard model: Numerical and analytical calculations 2011 Hong-Yi Chen, R. Wortis, W. A. Atkinson Condensed Matter Theory Strongly Correlated Electrons
178. Atomistic Simulations of Nonequilibrium Crystal-Growth Kinetics from Alloy Melts 2011 Y. Yang, H. Humadi, D. Buta, B. B. Laird, D. Y. Sun, J. J. Hoyt, M. Asta Phase Transformations
179. A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of the Crystal-Melt Interfacial Free Energy and its Anisotropy in the Cu-Ag-Au Ternary System 2011 A. A. Potter, J. J. Hoyt Phase Transformations
180. Rational design of mixed nanoclusters: Metal shells supported and shaped by molecular cores 2011 Fedor Y. Naumkin Molecular Complexes, Clusters