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1. Parameterization of the proline analogue Aze (azetidine-2-carboxylic acid) for molecular dynamics simulations and evaluation of its effect on homo-pentapeptide conformations 2013 K. Bessonov, K.A. Vassall, G. Harauz Myelin And Multiple Sclerosis
2. Interaction of myelin basic protein with membranes: a molecular dynamics simulation with a mixed negatively-charged DMPC-DMPS bilayer 2012 E. Polverini, M. De Donatis, G. Harauz Myelin And Multiple Sclerosis
3. Solution NMR structure and molecular dynamics simulations of murine 18.5-kDa myelin basic protein segment (S72-S107) in association with dodecylphosphocholine micelles 2012 Mumdooh A.M Ahmed, Miguel De Avila, Eugenia Polverini, Kyrylo Bessonov, Vladimir V. Bamm, George Harauz Myelin And Multiple Sclerosis
4. Structured functional domains of myelin basic protein 2011 V.V. Bamm, M. De Avila, G.S.T. Smith, M.A.M. Ahmed, G. Harauz Myelin And Multiple Sclerosis
5. Conformational choreography of a molecular switch region in myelin basic protein 2011 E. Polverini, E.P. Coll, D.P. Tieleman, G. Harauz Myelin And Multiple Sclerosis
6. Secondary structure and solvent accessibility of a calmodulin-binding C-terminal segment of membrane-reconstituted myelin basic protein 2010 L. Homchaudhuri, M. De Avila, S.B. Nilsson, G.S.T. Smith, V.V. Bamm, A.A. Musse, G. Harauz, J.M. Boggs Myelin And Multiple Sclerosis
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