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2241. The eigenfunctions of a Schrödinger operator associated to the root system A_{n-1} 1999 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2242. Spherical functions on SO_0(p,q)/SO(p) x SO(q) 1999 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2243. Dynamic Trajectory Planning of Robot Manipulator For Obstacle Avoidance 1999 Z.H. Zhu, R.V. Mayorga, A.K.C. Wong Simulation and Modeling
2244. Algebre lineraire 1998 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2245. Spherical functions on symmetric cones. 1997 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2246. Estimates for the heat kernel on SL(n,R)/SO(n) 1997 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2247. Analysis of cracks perpendicular to bimaterial interfaces using a novel finite element 1995 S.A. Meguid, M. Tan, Z.H. Zhu Simulation and Modeling
2248. A Novel Finite Element For Treating Inhomogeneous Solids 1995 S.A. Meguid, Z.H. Zhu Simulation and Modeling
2249. Stress Distribution in Dissimilar Materials Containing Inhomogeneities Near Interface Using A Novel Finite Element 1995 S.A. Meguid, Z.H. Zhu Simulation and Modeling
2250. On an upper bound for the heat kernel on SU *(2n)/Sp(n) 1994 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2251. The inverse of the Abel transform on SU*(2n)/Sp(n) 1992 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2252. P. The heat equation on the spaces of positive definite matrices. 1992 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2253. On connections, geodesics and sprays in synthetic differential geometry 1983 M. Bunge and P. Sawyer Mathematics