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Publications in area "Inorganic Chemistry"

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
1. Phenylcyanamide Ruthenium Scorpionate Complexes 2013 C. Harb,P. Kravtsov,M. Choudhuri,E.R. Sirianni, G.P. A. Yap, A. B. P. Lever and R. J. Crutchley Inorganic Chemistry
2. Proton induced Disproportionation of a Ruthenium Non-innocent Ligand Complex yielding a Strong Oxidant and a Strong Reductant 2013 M. Kapovsky, C. Dares, E. Dodsworth, R. Begum, V. Raco, and A. B. P. Lever Inorganic Chemistry
3. Hydroxyphenyl- and Octoxyphenyl-substituted D ipyrazinylpyridine Complexes of Ruthenium(II), Iron(II) and Nickel(II) 2011 Christopher Dares, Tharsini Manivannan, Pierre G. Potvin and A. B. P. Lever Inorganic Chemistry
4. Electronic Characteristics of an Extensive Series of Ruthenium Complexes with the Non-Innocent o-Benzoquinonediimine Ligand; A Pedagogical Approach 2010 A B P Lever Inorganic Chemistry
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