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101. Structural Properties of Atactic Polystyrene Adsorbed onto Solid Surfaces 2011 YB Tatek and M Tsige Soft Matter Physics And Biophysics
102. Variational Monte Carlo study of Anderson localization in the Hubbard model 2011 A. Farhoodfar, R. J. Gooding, and W. A. Atkinson Condensed Matter Theory
103. Semiempirical, Hartree-Fock, density functional, and second order Moller-Plesset perturbation theory methods do not accurately predict ionization energies and electron affinities of short- through long-chain [n]acenes 2011 S Rayne, K Forest Computational Physical Organic Chemistry For The Energy And Environmental Sciences
104. HiTEC: accurate error correction in high-throughput sequencing data 2011 L. Ilie, F. Fazayeli, and S. Ilie Bioinformatics And Computational Biology
105. SHRiMP2: Sensitive yet practical short read mapping 2011 M. David, M. Dzamba, D. Lister, L. Ilie, and M. Brudno Bioinformatics And Computational Biology
106. Seeds for effective oligonucleotide design 2011 L Ilie, S. Ilie, S. Khoshraftar, and A. Mansouri-Bigvand Bioinformatics And Computational Biology
107. SpEED: fast computation of sensitive spaced seeds 2011 L. Ilie, S. Ilie, and A. Mansouri Bigvand Bioinformatics And Computational Biology
108. A natural abundance 25Mg solid-state NMR study of layered magnesium phosphates 2011 J. Zhu, Y. Huang NMR spectroscopy and porous materials
109. Natural abundance solid-state 67Zn NMR characterization of microporous zinc phosphites and zinc phosphates at ultrahigh magnetic field 2011 A. Sutrisno, L. Liu, J. Xu, Y. Huang NMR spectroscopy and porous materials
110. Manipulation of Liquid Crystals By An Orienting Force in MD Simulations 2011 C. D. Daub, N. M. Cann Chiral Fluids And Interfaces
111. How Are Completely Desolvated Ions Produced in Electrospray Ionization: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations 2011 C. D. Daub, N. M. Cann Chiral Fluids And Interfaces
112. Proline-based chiral stationary phases: A molecular dynamics study of the interfacial structure 2011 M. Ashtari, N.M. Cann Chiral Fluids And Interfaces
113. Traveling waves and conservation laws for complex MKdV-type equations 2011 S C Anco, M Mohiuddin, T Wolf Computer Algebra, Knot Theory, Computer Go
114. Hydroxyphenyl- and Octoxyphenyl-substituted D ipyrazinylpyridine Complexes of Ruthenium(II), Iron(II) and Nickel(II) 2011 Christopher Dares, Tharsini Manivannan, Pierre G. Potvin and A. B. P. Lever Inorganic Chemistry
115. Prediction of Imminent Species' Extinction in EcoSim 2011 Hosseini M., Gras R. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
116. Relaxed complex scheme suggests novel inhibitors for the lyase activity of DNA polymerase beta 2011 Khaled Barakat and Jack Tuszynski
117. Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Reactions of Transient Silylenes with Amines 2011 S. S Kostina, T. Singh, and W. J. Leigh Reactive Intermediates In Organic And Organometallic Chemistry
118. Infrared species limited data tomography through Tikhonov reconstruction 2011 K. J. Daun Combustion Diagnostics, optical gas imaging, nanotechnology
119. Conservation Laws and Symmetries of Quasilinear Wave Equations in multi-dimensions I: Radial formulation 2011 S C Anco, S MacNaughton, T Wolf Computer Algebra, Knot Theory, Computer Go
120. Interplay between charge and vibrational delocalization in cationic helium clusters 2011 F. Calvo, F.Y. Naumkin, D.J. Wales Molecular Complexes, Clusters - structures, stabilities, spectra, reactions