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81. Improvement of platinum adhesion to carbon surfaces using PVD coatings 2011 M. Shafiei, A.R. Riahi, F.G. Sen, A.T. Alpas Tribology
82. Parameterization of a Force Field for Te-N Secondary Bonding Interactions and its Application in the Design of Supramolecular Structures Based on Heterocyclic Building Blocks 2011 A. F. Cozzolino, I. Vargas-Baca Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
83. S,C,S-Pnictogen bonding in pincer complexes of methanediide [C(Ph2PS)2]^2- 2011 R. Thirumoorthi, T. Chivers, I. Vargas-Baca Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
84. D-Optimal Designs: A Mathematical Programming Approach using Cyclotomic Cosets 2011 M. N. Syed, I. S. Kotsireas, P. M. Pardalos Symbolic Computation, Computational Combinatorics
85. A meta-software system for orthogonal designs and Hadamard matrices. 2011 I. S. Kotsireas, C. Koukouvinos, D. E. Simos Symbolic Computation, Computational Combinatorics
86. Anomalies in the Entanglement Properties of the Square Lattice Heisenberg Model 2011 Ann B. Kallin, Matthew B. Hastings, Roger G. Melko, Rajiv R. P. Singh Condensed Matter Theory Condensed Matter Physics
87. Quantum spin liquid in a kagome lattice spin-1/2 XY model with four-site exchange 2011 Long Dang, Stephen Inglis, Roger G. Melko Condensed Matter Theory
88. Power performance of canted blades for vertical axis wind turbines 2011 S. Armstrong, S. Tullis Computational Fluid Dynamics
89. Issues Regarding Particle-Laden DNS of Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence 2011 H. Strutt, S. Tullis, M. Lightstone Computational Fluid Dynamics
90. Computational fluid dynamics simulation of the aerodynamics of a high solidity, small scale vertical axis wind turbine 2011 K. McLaren, S. Tullis, S. Ziada Computational Fluid Dynamics
91. Convergence of H-infinity optimal actuator locations 2011 D, Kasinathan, K, Morris
92. Orbits of the Bernoulli measure in single-transition asynchronous cellular automata 2011 H. Fukś and A. Skelton Cellular Automata, Discrete Dynamical Systems
93. Performance of the majority voting rule in solving the density classification problem in high dimension 2011 J-M. Gómez Soto and H. Fukś Cellular Automata, Discrete Dynamical Systems
94. Microsecond Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Involved in the Oxidative Stress Response 2011 E Cino, J Wong-ekkabut, M Karttunen, W.Y. Choy
95. Structured functional domains of myelin basic protein 2011 V.V. Bamm, M. De Avila, G.S.T. Smith, M.A.M. Ahmed, G. Harauz Myelin And Multiple Sclerosis
96. An Efficient Algorithm for Finding Dominant Trapping Sets of Irregular LDPC Codes 2011 Mehdi Karimi, and Amir H. Banihashemi Digital And Wireless Communications And Information Theory
97. Density Evolution Analysis of Node-Based Verification-Based Algorithms in Compressed Sensing 2011 Yaser Eftekhari, Anoosheh Heidarzadeh, Amir H. Banihashemi, Ioannis Lambadaris Digital And Wireless Communications And Information Theory
98. Analysis of Overlapped Chunked Codes with small chunks over line networks 2011 A. Heidarzadeh and A. H. Banihashemi Digital And Wireless Communications And Information Theory
99. H<sub>2</sub> molecules encapsulated in extended Be<sub>n</sub> cluster cages: Toward light-metal nanofoams for hydrogen storage 2011 Fedor Y. Naumkin and David J. Wales Molecular Complexes, Clusters
100. Critical phenomena and phase transitions in large lattices within Monte-Carlo based non-peturbative approaches 2011 J. Kaupužs, J. Rimšāns, R.V.N. Melnik