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1. Prediction of Mutant mRNA Splice Isoforms by Information Theory-Based Exon Definition 2013 EJ Mucaki, B Shirley, PK Rogan Bioinformatics
2. Structural and genic characterization of stable genomic regions in breast cancer: Relevance to chemotherapy 2012 Park N, Rogan PK, Tarnowski H, Knoll JHM Bioinformatics
3. Finding nearly optimal GDT scores 2011 S.C. Li, D. Bu, J. Xu, and M. Li Bioinformatics
4. Error tolerant NMR backbone resonance assignment for automated structure generation 2011 B. Alipanahi, X. Gao, E. Karakoc, F. Balbach, S.C. Li, G. Feng, L. Donaldson, M. Li Bioinformatics
5. Residues with similar hexagon neighborhoods share similar side-chain conformations. 2011 S.C. Li, D. Bu, M. Li Bioinformatics
6. Comprehensive prediction of mRNA splicing effects of BRCA1 and BRCA2 variants 2011 Mucaki E, Ainsworth P, Rogan P Bioinformatics
7. Towards fully automated structure-based NMR assignment of 15N-labeled proteins from automatically picked peaks. 2010 Richard Jang, X. Gao, M. Li Bioinformatics
8. Protein secondary structure prediction using NMR chemical shift data. 2010 Y. Zhao, B. Alipanahi, S.C. Li, M. Li, Bioinformatics
9. Can we determine a protein structure quickly? 2010 M. Li Bioinformatics
10. Finding compact structural motifs 2009 D. Bu, M. Li, S.C. Li, J. Qian, J. Xu Bioinformatics
11. A probabilistic graphical model for protein ab initio folding 2009 F Zhao, J Peng, J DeBartolo, K Freed, T Sosbnick, J Xu Bioinformatics
12. Improving consensus contact prediction via server correlation reduction 2009 X Gao, D Bu, J Xu, M Li Bioinformatics
13. Predicting local quality of a sequence-structure alignment 2009 X. Gao, J. Xu, S. C. Li, M. Li Bioinformatics
14. Accelerating Nonlinear System Identification Using the Cell BE Processor 2009 R. Rohra, R. Kanagasundaram, J.R. Green Bioinformatics
15. PICKY: an SVD-based spectra peak picking method 2009 B. Alipanahi, X. Gao, E. Karakoc, L. Donaldson, A. Gutmanas, C. Arrowsmith, and M. Li Bioinformatics
16. On two open problems of 2-interval patterns 2009 S.C. Li and M. Li Bioinformatics
17. Predicting local quality of a sequence-structure alignment 2009 X. Gao, J. Xu, S. C. Li, and M. Li Bioinformatics
18. Rapid and accurate protein side chain prediction with local backbone information 2008 J. Zhang, X. Gao, J. Xu, and M. Li Bioinformatics
19. Discriminative learning for protein conformation sampling 2008 Feng Zhao, ShuaiCheng Li, Beckett W. Sterner and Jinbo Xu. Bioinformatics
20. Design Succinct Structural Alphabets 2008 Shuaicheng Li, Dongbo Bu, Xin Gao, Jinbo Xu, Ming Li Bioinformatics
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