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2221. Bound state properties and muon sticking probabilities for the $S(L = 0)-$states in non-symmetric muonic molecular ions 2001 Alexei M. Frolov Physics
2222. “Stability of Flow in a Converging-Diverging Channel” 2001 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
2223. Interface Deformation Effects Associated with Thermocapillary Convection 2001 Y.Jiang and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
2224. “Stability and Control of Shear Layers in the Presence of Distributed Surface Suction” 2001 J.M.Floryan and K.Yamamoto Fluid Mechanics
2225. Instability of Boundary Layer Associated with Surface Suction 2001 J.M.Floryan, P.J.D.Roberts, G.Casalis and D.Arnal Fluid Mechanics
2226. Enhanced Heat Transfer for Microturbine Recuperators” 2001 B.E.Thompson, J.M.Floryan, S.Osgood and R.Nolan. Fluid Mechanics
2227. Instability of Boundary Layer in the Presence of Weak Distributed Surface Suction 2001 J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
2228. Boundary Layers Instability Induced by Wall Suction” 2001 P.J.D. Roberts, J.M.Floryan, G.Casalis and D.Arnal Fluid Mechanics
2229. Marangoni Instability in a Finite Container – Transition between Short and Long Wavelength Modes 2001 L. Czechowski and J.M. Floryan. ASME Fluid Mechanics
2230. Numerical Simulation of Flows over Corrugated Walls 2001 A.Cabal, J.Szumbarski and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
2231. Method for Control of Transfer Processes 2001 P.Furmanski and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
2232. Parallel Computing Strategies for Machining and Forming Analysis 2001 Spence, A.D., Li, Z., and Chan, H.L Computational Design and Manufacturing
2233. Excited state dynamics in photosystem II. New insights from the X-ray crystal structure. 2001 S. Vasil Biophysics
2234. Fragile-to-strong transition and polyamorphism in the energy landscape of liquid silica 2001 I. Saika-Voivod, P.H. Poole and F. Sciortino Condensed Matter Physics
2235. Computer simulations of liquid silica: Equation of state and liquid-liquid phase transition 2001 I. Saika-Voivod, F. Sciortino, P.H. Poole Condensed Matter Physics
2236. Silabenzene and Disilabenzene Complexes of Ruthenium 2001 J.M. Dysard, T.D. Tilley, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
2237. Reactions of Bis-(pentafluorophenyl)borane with Cp2Ta(=CH2)CH3: Generation and Trapping of Tantalocene Borataalkene Complexes 2001 K.S. Cook, W.E. Piers, T.K. Woo, R. McDonald Computational Chemistry
2238. Laser Digitizer Based Strain Measurement 2001 Chan, H.L., Spence, A.D., and Sklad, M Computational Design and Manufacturing
2239. Dipolar effects in magnetic thin films and quasi-two-dimensional systems 2000 K. De’Bell, A.B. MacIsaac and J.P. Whitehead Condensed Matter Physics
2240. On The Thermoelastic Stresses of Multiple Interacting Inhomogeneities 2000 Z.H. Zhu, S.A. Meguid Simulation and Modeling