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181. Effective Transport Properties of the Porous Electrodes in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2011 H.-W. Choi, A. Berson, J. G. Pharoah and S. B. Beale Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
182. Determination of the Effective Gas Diffusivity of a Porous Composite Medium From the Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of its Microstructure 2011 A. Berson, H.-W. Choi, J.G. Pharoah Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
183. Focused Ion Beam - Scanning Electron Microscopy on Solid-Oxide Fuel-Cell Electrode: Image analysis and computing effective transport properties 2011 N.S. K. Gunda, H.-W. Choi, A. Berson, B. Kenney, K. Karan, J. G. Pharoah, S. K. Mitra Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
184. Structure propensities in mutated polyglutamine peptides. 2011 B.M.B. VanSchouwen, D.G. Oblinsky, H.L. Gordon, S.M. Rothstein
185. Doubly Charged Protonated a Ions Derived from Small Peptides 2011 Irine S. Saminathan, Junfang Zhao, K.W Michael Siu, Alan C. Hopkinson Mass Spectrometry
186. Structure of the [M + H – H2O]+ Ion from Tetraglycine: A Revisit by Means of Density Functional Theory and Isotope Labeling 2011 Udo H. Verkerk, Junfang Zhao, Michael J. Van Stipdonk, Benjamin J. Bythell, Jos Oomens, Alan C. Hopkinson, and K.W. Michael Siu Mass Spectrometry
187. Multilayer cyclic C6 structures intercalated with metal atoms 2011 S. Kuzmin, W. W. Duley Nanoparticles
188. Set Associative Lock in Software Transactional Memory 2011 Ehsan Atoofian Computer Architecture
189. Multilevel Aggregation Methods for Small-World Graphs with Application to Random-Walk Ranking 2011 Hans De Sterck, Van Emden Henson, and Geoffrey Sanders Scientific Computing
190. Generalized inverse participation ratio as a possible measure of localization for interacting systems 2011 N. C. Murphy, R. Wortis, W. A. Atkinson Condensed Matter Theory Strongly Correlated Electrons
191. High Harmonic Generation with Rydberg Atoms by Using an Intense Few-Cycle Pulse 2011 Z. Zhai, Q. Zhu, J. Chen, Z.-C. Yan, P. Fu, and B. Wang Computational Atomic Physics
192. Variational upper bounds for low-lying states of lithium 2011 L. Wang, Z.-C. Yan, H. Qiao, G. W. F. Drake Computational Atomic Physics
193. Isotope Shift Measurements of Stable and Short-Lived Lithium Isotopes for Nuclear Charge Radii Determination 2011 W. N\"{o}rtersh\"{a}user, et al Computational Atomic Physics
194. Resonance enhancement of nonsequential double ionization by a magnetic field 2011 H. Li, J. Chen, H. Jiang, P. Fu, J. Liu, Q. Gong, Z.-C. Yan, and B. Wang Computational Atomic Physics
195. The dissociation chemistry of low-energy N-formylethanolamine ions : hydrogen-bridged radical cations as key intermediates 2011 K.J. Jobst, R.D. Bowen, J.K. Terlouw Gaseous Ion Structures, Energetics And Reaction
196. A mechanistic study of the prominent loss of H2O from ionized 2-hydroxyaminoethanol 2011 K.J. Jobst, S. Jogee, R.D. Bowen, J.K. Terlouw Gaseous Ion Structures, Energetics And Reaction
197. Platypus: A framework for distributed answer set solving 2011 Brain, M. J., J. Gressmann, T. Janhunen, R. E. Mercer, T. Schaub, R. Tichy, and M. de Vos Parallel Answer Set Programming
198. A 3D cloud-construction algorithm for the EarthCARE satellite mission 2011 H. W. Barker, M. P. Jerg, T. Wehr, S. Kato, D. P. Donovan and R. J. Hogan Atmospheric Sciences
199. A parametric study of downburst line near-surface outflows 2011 B C Vermeire, L G Orf, E Savory Fluid Mechanics
200. Improved modelling of downburst outflows for wind engineering applications using a cooling source approach 2011 B C Vermeire, L G Orf, E Savory Fluid Mechanics