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Publications in area "Atmospheric Sciences"

Due to scheduled power outages at multiple SHARCNET institutions, several clusters (angel, copper, guppy, mako, mosaic, orca, redfin and saw) as well as global /work are currently unavailable and will return to service no later than 1 pm. Monday May 2.
We will use this outage to perform some much needed maintenance on a number of critical systems.

Other clusters will remain up but any jobs that require access to /work will crash. Users should only submit jobs requiring access to /home and /scratch
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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
1. Quantitative assessment of upstream source influences on total gaseous mercury observations in Ontario, Canada 2011 2.1. D. Wen, J. C. Lin, F. Meng, P. K. Gbor, Z. He, and J. J. Sloan Atmospheric Sciences
2. An investigation into gradient balance of flight-level tropical cyclone windfields 2010 M Gibbons, C Miller Atmospheric Sciences
3. A numerical study into the dynamic behaviour of a GPS dropsonde in a prescribed wind field 2010 S Li, C Miller Atmospheric Sciences
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