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721. Evidence for electronic gap-driven metal-semiconductor transition in phase-change materials 2009 Shakhvorostov, Nistor, Martyna, Müser et al Molecular Simulation
722. Valence Bond and von Neumann Entanglement Entropy in Heisenberg Ladders 2009 Ann B. Kallin, Iván González, Matthew B. Hastings, and Roger G. Melko Condensed Matter Physics
723. Simulated tempering distributed replica sampling, virtual replica exchange, and other generalized ensemble methods for conformational sampling 2009 Sarah Rauscher, Chris Neale, and Régis Pomès Structural Biophysics
724. THE BIMODALITY OF ACCRETION IN T TAURI STARS AND BROWN DWARFS 2009 Eduard I. Vorobyov, Shantanu Basu Astrophysics
726. Secular evolution of viscous and self-gravitating circumstellar discs 2009 Eduard. I. Vorobyov, Shantanu Basu Astrophysics
727. Accelerating Nonlinear System Identification Using the Cell BE Processor 2009 R. Rohra, R. Kanagasundaram, J.R. Green Bioinformatics
728. Structural model for phenylalkylamine binding to L-type calcium channels 2009 Cheng RC, Tikhonov DB, Zhorov BS Biophysics
729. A peek into retrotrotransposon-derived polymorphisms in human through the 1000 genome project data 2009 P, Liang
730. Analysis Of The 1000-Genome Project Sequencing Data Reveals An Unexpectedly High Level Of Human Genetic Polymorphisms Derived From Mobile Elements 2009 P, Liang, X, Luo, F, Zhang
731. Ensemble Virtual Screening Reveals Potential Inhibitors for the MDM2-p53 Interaction 2009 Khaled H. Barakat and Jack Tuszynski
732. Characterization of an inhibitory dynamic pharmacophore for the ERCC1–XPA interaction using a combined molecular dynamics and virtual screening approach 2009 Khaled H. Barakat, J. Torin Huzil, Tyler Luchko, Lars Jordheim , Charles Dumontet
733. Microphase separation induced by differential interactions in diblock copolymer/homopolymer blends 2009 J. Zhou and A.-C. Shi Soft Matter Physics
734. Positions in the game of Go as Complex Systems 2009 T Wolf Applied Mathematics
735. Stochastic modeling of normal and tumor tissue microstructure for high-frequency ultrasound imaging simulations 2009 M.I. Daoud, J.C. Lacefield Medical Physics
736. Distributed three-dimensional simulation of B-mode ultrasound imaging using a first-order k-space method 2009 M.I. Daoud, J.C. Lacefield Medical Physics
737. A k-space method for acoustic propagation using coupled first-order equations in three dimensions 2009 J.C. Tillett, M.I. Daoud, J.C. Lacefield, R.C. Waag Medical Physics
738. A Parallel Implementation of Rainbowcrack Using MPI 2009 Edward R. Sykes, Wesley Skoczen Scientific Computing
739. Preliminary Findings of Visualization of the Interruptible Moment 2009 Edward R. Sykes Scientific Computing
740. Dependence of a-Si:H density of states on hydrogen content: modeling and experiment 2009 F. Gaspari, I. M. Kupchak, A. I. Shkrebtii, Z. Ibrahim, A. Kazakevitch Condensed Matter Physics