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1. Positions in the game of Go as Complex Systems 2009 T Wolf Applied Mathematics
2. Hyperdeterminants as integrable discrete systems 2009 SP Tsarev, T Wolf Applied Mathematics
3. A library of eyes in Go II: Monolithic eyes 2009 T Wolf, M Pratola Applied Mathematics
4. On Solving Large Systems of Polynomial Equations Appearing in Discrete Differential Geometry 2008 T Wolf Applied Mathematics
5. Atmospheres of Polygons and Knotted Polygons 2008 E.J. Janse van Rensburg and Applied Mathematics
6. Self-avoiding polygons and walks in slits 2008 J. Alvarez, E. J. Janse van Rensburg, C. E. Soteros, and S. G. Whittington Applied Mathematics
7. Two Applications of a Life & Death Problem Solver in Go 2007 T Wolf Applied Mathematics
8. Checking Life & Death Problems in Go II: Results 2007 Lei Shen, Thomas Wolf Applied Mathematics
9. Checking Life & Death Problems in Go I: The Program ScanLD 2007 Thomas Wolf, Lei Shen Applied Mathematics
10. Classification of 3-dimensional integrable scalar discrete equations 2007 SP Tsarev, T Wolf Applied Mathematics
11. Classification of integrable super-equations by the SsTools environment 2007 A Kiselev, T Wolf Applied Mathematics
12. G_2 generating technique for minimal D=5 supergravity and black rings 2007 Adel Bouchareb, Chiang-Mei Chen, Gerard Clement, Dmitri V. Gal'tsov, Nikolai G. Scherbluk, Thomas Wolf Applied Mathematics
13. On weakly non-local, nilpotent, and super-recursion operators for N=1 homogeneous super-equations 2006 A Kiselev, T Wolf Applied Mathematics
14. Supersymmetric Representations and Integrable Super-Extensions of the Burgers and Bussinesq Equations 2006 A Kiselev, T Wolf Applied Mathematics
15. Integrable quadratic Hamiltonians with a linear Lie-Poisson bracket 2006 T Wolf Applied Mathematics
16. Integrable quadratic Hamiltonians on so(4) and so(3,1) 2006 V.V. Sokolov, T. Wolf Applied Mathematics
17. Some Symmetry Classifications of Hyperbolic Vector Evolution Equations 2005 S. Anco, T. Wolf Applied Mathematics
18. Classification of integrable coupled systems with one scalar and one vector unknown 2005 T. Tsuchida, T. Wolf Applied Mathematics
19. Applications of CRACK in the Classification of Integrable Systems 2004 T Wolf Applied Mathematics
20. Classification of integrable quadratic Hamiltonians on e(3) 2003 T. Wolf, O. Efimovskaya Applied Mathematics
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