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641. Surface Stability and Electronic Structure of Hydrogen and Fluorine Terminated Diamond Surfaces: A First Principles Investigation 2009 F.G. Sen, Y. Qi, A.T. Alpas Materials Simulations
642. Surface stability and electronic structure of hydrogen- and fluorine-terminated diamond surfaces: A first principles investigation 2009 F.G. Sen, Y. Qi, A.T. Alpas Materials Simulations
643. Risk Aversion and Block Exercise of Executive Stock Options 2009 M.R. Grasselli, V. Henderson Finance; Asset Pricing
644. Evidence aggregation for diagnosis: Bayesian and fuzzy strategies 2009 R Varga, S Matheson, A Hamilton-Wright Biologial time series analysis
645. Development of Interatomic Potentials Appropriate for Simulation of Solid-Liquid Interface Properties in Al-Mg Alloys 2009 M. I. Mendelev, M. Asta, M. J. Rahman, J. J. Hoyt Molecular Dynamics
646. Entanglement entropy in quantum impurity systems and systems with boundaries 2009 Ian Affleck, Nicolas Laflorencie, Erik S. Sorensen Theory And Computational Modeling Of Materials
647. Neel and valence-bond crystal order on a distorted kagome lattice: Implications for Zn-paratacamite 2009 Erik S Sorensen, Michael J. Lawler, Yong Baek Kim Theory And Computational Modeling Of Materials
648. Effect of discreteness on heterogeneous flames: Propagation limits in regular and random particle arrays 2009 Tang, F. D., A.J. Higgins, S. Gorosin Nuclear, Aerospace, Biomedical Engineering
649. High-field hole transport in silicon nanowires, 2009 A. Verma, A. K. Buin, and M. P. Anantram Nanotechnology
650. A Spherical Plasma Dynamo Experiment 2009 E. J. Spence, K. Reuter, C. B. Forest Dynamo Theory
651. Replication of genetic associations with plasma lipoprotein traits in a multiethnic sample 2009 Lanktree MB, Anand SS, Yusuf S, Hegele RA
652. Epitaxially Driven Formation of Intricate Supported Gold Nanostructures on a Lattice-Matched Oxide Substrate 2009 G A Devenyi, J F Li, R A, Hughs, A-C Shi, P Mascher, J S, Preston
653. Spectral geometry as a probe of quantum spacetime 2009 Dario Benedetti, Joe Henson Theoretical Physics
654. QTAIM study on the degenerate Cope rearrangements of 1,5-hexadiene and semibullvalene. 2009 E. C. Brown, R. F. W. Bader, N. H. Werstiuk Computational Chemistry
655. Electronic and Steric Parameters of 76 N‐Heterocyclic Carbenes in Ni(CO)3(NHC) 2009 D. G. Gusev Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
656. Donor Properties of a Series of Two‐Electron Ligands 2009 D. G. Gusev Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
657. Adaptation rates of lytic viruses depend critically on whether host cells survive the bottleneck 2009 Z. Patwa and L.M. Wahl Mathematical Biology
658. The impact of host-cell dynamics on the fixation probability for lytic viruses 2009 Z. Patwa and L.M. Wahl Mathematical Biology
659. Design of a Relaying Electroosmosis Pump Driven by Low-Voltage DC 2009 Q. Q. Guo, Y. Liu, X. Y. Wu and J. Yang Biomedical Modeling and Simulation
660. Weighing matrices and string sorting 2009 Kotsireas, I. S. Koukouvinos, C. Seberry, J. Computer Algebra