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1. Detailed Modeling of the Epitaxial Growth of GaAs Nanowires 2010 E De Jong, RR LaPierre and JZ Wen Nanotechnology
2. High-field hole transport in silicon nanowires, 2009 A. Verma, A. K. Buin, and M. P. Anantram Nanotechnology
3. Significant Enhancement of Hole Mobility in [110] Silicon Nanowires Compared to Electrons and Bulk Silicon 2008 Buin, A. K.; Verma, A.; Svizhenko, A.; Anantram, M. P. Nanotechnology
4. Carrier-phonon interaction in small cross-sectional silicon nanowires 2008 A. Buin, A. Verma and M. P. Anantram Nanotechnology
5. Strain induced change of bandgap and effective mass in silicon nanowires 2008 . Shiri, Y. Kong, A. Buin, and M. P. Anantram Nanotechnology
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