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601. Secular evolution of viscous and self-gravitating circumstellar disks 2009 E. I. Vorobyov, S. Basu Star Formation
602. Impacts of acid deposition at Plastic Lake: forecasting chemical recovery using a Bayesian calibration and uncertainty propagation approach 2009 G. MacDougall, J. Aherne, S.A. Watmough Environmental Modelling
603. Voyage without constellation: evaluating the performance of three uncalibrated process-oriented models 2009 K. Tominaga, J. Aherne, S.A. Watmough, M. Alveteg, B.J. Cosby, C.T. Driscoll, M. Posch Environmental Modelling
604. Closure of the Volume-Averaged Transport Equations for Flow Through High-Conductivity Porous Materials 2009 C.T. DeGroot, A.G. Straatman
605. In vitro Investigation of Potential Application of pH-sensitive poly(vinylidene fluoride)-poly(acrylic acid) Pore-filled Membranes for Controlled Drug Release in Ruminant Animals 2009 K.Hu, J.M. Dickson Nanofiltration Membranes
606. Hybrid MPI-Cell Parallelism for Hyperbolic PDE Simulation on a Cell Processor Cluster 2009 Scott Rostrup and Hans De Sterck Scientific Computing
607. Path-integral Monte Carlo simulation of ν3 vibrational shifts for CO2 in (He)n clusters critically tests the He–CO2 potential energy surface 2009 Hui Li, Nicholas Blinov, Pierre-Nicholas Roy, and Robert J. Le Roy Quantum Molecular Dynamics
608. Transient Supersonic Release of Hydrogen from a High Pressure Vessel: A Computational Analysis 2009 F. Péneau, G. Pedro, P. Oshkai, P. Bénard and N. Djilali Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
609. Combining laser microsurgery and finite element modeling to assess cell-level epithelial mechanics 2009 M.S. Hutson, J. Veldhuis, X. Ma, H.E. Lynch, P.G. Cranston, G.W. Brodland Biomedical Modeling And Simulation
610. DIRECT NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF FLOW IN SPACER-FILLED CHANNELS 2009 A. Mahdavifar, A. Pollard, J. Pharoah, S. Beale* Turbulence
611. Quantum trajectory equation for multiple qubits in circuit QED: Generating entanglement by measurement 2009 C.L. Hutchison, J.M. Gambetta, A. Blais, F.K. Wilhelm Quantum Information Research
612. Optimal generation of Fock states in a weakly nonlinear oscillator 2009 B. Khani, J. M. Gambetta, F. Motzoi, F. K. Wilhelm Quantum Information Research
613. Multi-ethnic genetic association study of carotid intima-media thickness using a targeted cardiovascular SNP microarray. 2009 Lanktree MB, Hegele RA, Yusuf S, Anand SS, and the SHARE investigators Genetic Linkage Analysis
614. Recent arrival of faint cluster galaxies on the red sequence 2009 T. Lu, D. Gilbank, M. Balogh, A. Bognat Galaxy Formation
615. Predictions of the Fluorine NMR Chemical Shifts of Perfluorinated Carboxcylic Acids, CnF2n+1COOH )n=6-8) 2009 Z. Liu, J.D. Goddard Computational And Theoretical Chemistry
616. In Situ PM-IRRAS Studies of an Archea Analogue Thiolipid Assembled on a Au(111) Electrone Surface. 2009 J. Leitch, J. Kunze, J. D. Goddard, A.L. Schwan, R.J. Faragher, R. Naumann, W. Knoll, J.R. Dutcher, J. Lipkowski Computational And Theoretical Chemistry
617. A Relative Approach for Determining Ring Strain Energies of Heterobicyclic Alkenes. 2009 J. Howell, J.D. Goddard, W.Tam Computational And Theoretical Chemistry
618. A Parallel Scatter Search for Performing Data Partitioning 2009 M. Walton, G. Grewal, W. Dobosiewicz Computer Aided Design, Micro/Nano Electronics
619. Solving the chicken and egg problem of letter detection and fixation duration in reading 2009 Roy-Charland, A., Saint-Aubin, J., Lawrence, M. A. & Klein, R. M. Human Information Processing
620. A method for determining the effective transport coefficients of composite solid oxide fuel cell electrodes 2009 H.-W. Choi, B. Kenney, J.G. Pharoah, S.B. Beale Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells