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621. Transport phenomena in the porous micro-structures of fuel-cell electrodes 2009 H.-W. Choi, D. Blore, J.G. Pharoah, S.B. Beale, D.H. Jeon Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
622. Effective transport coefficients for porous microstructures in solid oxide fuel cells 2009 H.-W. Choi, A. Berson, B. Kenney, J.G. Pharoah, S.B. Beale, K. Karan Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
623. MDS and near-MDS self-dual codes over large prime fields 2009 Kotsireas, Ilias S.; Koukouvinos, Christos; Simos, Dimitris E. Symbolic Computation, Computational Combinatorics
624. Simulating the evolution of an ethanol and gasoline source zone within the capillary fringe 2009 Yu, S. J.G. Freitas, A.J.A. Unger, J.F. Barker and J, Chatzis Computational Hydrology
625. Simulating the fate and transport of TCE from groundwater to indoor air 2009 Yu, S., A.J.A. Unger and B. Parker Computational Hydrology
626. Effect of strong correlations on the high energy anomaly in hole- and electron-doped high-Tc superconductors 2009 B. Moritz, F. Schmitt, W. Meevasana, S. Johnston, E. M. Motoyama, M. Greven, D. H. Lu, C. Kim, R. T. Scalettar, Z.-X. Shen, T. P. Devereaux Condensed Matter Physics
627. Nonlocal transport in the quantum spin Hall state 2009 A. Roth, C. Brüne, H. Buhmann, L. W. Molenkamp, J. Maciejko, X. L. Qi, and S. C. Zhang Condensed Matter Physics
628. Energies for the high-L Rydberg states of helium: Asymptotic analysis 2009 R. El-Wazni, and GWF Drake Theoretical Physics
629. High-precision Penning trap mass measurements of Be-9,Be-10 and the one-neutron halo nuclide Be-11 2009 R. Ringlea, M. Brodeura, T. Brunnera, S. Ettenauera, M. Smith, A. Lapierre, V.L. Ryjkov, P. Delheij, G.W.F. Drake, J. Lassen, D. Lunney and J. Dilling Theoretical Physics
630. Nuclear Charge Radii of Be-7,Be-9,Be-10 and the One-Neutron Halo Nucleus Be-11 2009 W. Nörtershäuser, D. Tiedemann, M. Žáková, Z. Andjelkovic, K. Blaum, M. L. Bissell, R. Cazan, G. W. F. Drake, Ch. Geppert1, M. Kowalska, J. Krämer, A. Krieger, R. Neugart, R. Sánchez, F. Schmidt-Kaler, Z.-C. Yan, D. T. Yordanov, and C. Zimmermann Theoretical Physics
631. An empirical comparison of the efficiency of several local search heuristics algorithms for Bayesian network structure learning 2009 Saheli E., Gras R. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
632. Bayesian Optimization Algorithm for the Non-unique Oligonucleotide Probe Selection Problem 2009 Soltan Ghoraie L., Gras R., Wang L., Ngom A. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
633. Study of Genetic algorithms behavior for high epitasis and high dimensional deceptive functions 2009 Robin Gras Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
634. Une étude comparative pour la détection de dépendances multiples 2009 Elham Salehi, Jayashree Nyayachavadi and Robin Gras Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
635. An agent-based evolving predator-prey ecosystem simulation using a Fuzzy Cognitive Map model of behavior 2009 Gras R., Devaurs D., Wozniak A., Aspinall A. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
636. Vortex Dynamics Models in Flow Control Problems 2009 B. Protas Fluid Mechanics
637. Adjoint-Based Optimization of Thermo-Fluid Phenomena in Welding Processes 2009 O. Volkov, B. Protas, W. Liao and D. Glander Fluid Mechanics
638. An inverse model for a free-boundary problem with a contact line: steady case 2009 O. Volkov and B. Protas Fluid Mechanics
639. Selective surface chemistry of allyl alcohol and allyl aldehyde on Si(100)2x1: Competition of [2+2] C=C cycloaddition with O-H dissociation and with [2+2] C=O cycloaddition in bifunctional molecules 2009 M. Ebrahimi, K.T. Leung Computational Surface Chemistry
640. On the Reactivity of F3SNXeF+; Synthesis and Structural Characterization of [F4S=N–Xe---NSF3][AsF6], a Rare Example of an N–Xe–N Linkage, and [F3S(NSF3)2][AsF6] 2009 G.L. Smith, G.J. Schrobilgen Inorganic Main Group Chemistry