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1361. Laser Digitizer Based Sheet Metal Strain and Surface Analysis 2007 Chan, H.-L., Spence, A.D., Sklad, M.P. Computational Design and Manufacturing
1362. On stability of solitary waves in nonlinear Dirac equation on a line. 2007 Marina Chugunova, Andrew Comech Mathematics
1363. Spectrum of a non-self-adjoint operator associated with the periodic heat equation. 2007 Marina Chugunova, Dmitry Pelinovsky Mathematics
1364. Systematic approach to coarse-graining of molecular descriptions and interactions with applications to lipid membranes 2007 T. Murtola, I. Vattulainen, M. Karttunen Biophysics
1365. Triplet (S = 1) Ground State Porphyrin-Verdazyl Radical Conjugates: Synthesis, Spectroscopy and Magnetic Properties 2007 P. K. Poddutoori, M. Pilkington, A. Alberola Catalan and A. van der Est Chemical Physics
1366. Kinetic simulations of chlorophyll and carotenoid cation radical dynamics in photosystem II . 2007 Serguei Vassiliev1, Doug Bruce1 and Gary Brudvig2 Biophysics
1367. Remarks on the Critical Behavior of Second Order Additive Invariants in Elementary Cellular Automata 2007 H. Fukś Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
1368. Comment to Passage Times for Unbiased Polymer Translocation through a Narrow Pore 2007 Kaifu Luo Tapio Ala-Nissila, See-Chen Ying, Pawel Pomorski, Mikko Karttunen Biophysics
1369. Checking Life & Death Problems in Go II: Results 2007 Lei Shen, Thomas Wolf Applied Mathematics
1370. Checking Life & Death Problems in Go I: The Program ScanLD 2007 Thomas Wolf, Lei Shen Applied Mathematics
1371. Detailed Examination of Transport Coefficients in Cubic-Plus-Quartic Oscillator 2007 Geoffrey Lee-Dadswell, Bernie Nickel, Chris Gray Theoretical Physics
1372. Irreversible block of cardiac mutant Na+ channels by batrachotoxin 2007 SY Wang, DB Tikhonov, J Mitchell, BS Zhorov, GK Wang Biophysics
1373. The Dynamical Implications of Multiple Stellar Formation Events in Galactic Globular Clusters 2007 Jonathan Downing, Alison Sills Astrophysics
1374. A comparison of hydrodynamic techniques for modelling collisions between main-sequence stars 2007 Hy Trac, Alison Sills, Ue-Li Pen Astrophysics
1375. Smooth Varying-Coefficient Nonparametric Models for Qualitative and Quantitative Data 2007 Qi Li, Jeffrey S. Racine Statistical Simulation
1376. Haplotype inference using a hidden Makov model with efficient Markov chain sampling 2007 Shuying Sun Statistical Genetics
1377. Elastic response of a nematic liquid crystal to an immersed nanowire 2007 C.J. Smith and C. Denniston Condensed Matter Physics
1378. Sodium Channels: Ionic Model of Slow Inactivation and State-Dependent Drug Binding 2007 Denis B. Tikhonov, Boris S. Zhorov Biophysics
1379. Glycolipid membranes through atomistic simulations: Effect of glucose and galactose head groups on lipid bilayer properties 2007 Tomasz Rog, Ilpo Vattulainen, Alex Bunker, and Mikko Karttunen Biophysics
1380. Search Algorithms for Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks 2007 Reza Dorrigiv, Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz, Pawel Pralat Random Graph Theory Mathematical Modeling & Simulation