Publication: Checking Life & Death Problems in Go I: The Program ScanLD

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Title Checking Life & Death Problems in Go I: The Program ScanLD
Authors/Editors* Thomas Wolf, Lei Shen
Where published* ICGA Journal
How published* Journal
Year* 2007
Volume 30
Number 2
Pages 67-74
Publisher University of Maastricht
Keywords Go, Weiqi, Baduk, tsumego, tsume go, artificial intelligence, combinatorial game theory
In this paper we introduce the program ScanLD(built on GoTools) which checks solutions of life & death problems for correctness. This is a task for which computer programs are especially useful. Not only can they do the computations, they can also do the handling of data in checking all moves of all solutions for optimality and reporting any errors that occur. Their refutation and their correction would be tedious and error prone if done with a computer, but interactively. After discussing the different types of checks that are performed and giving some statistics resulting from checking a 500-problem tsume go book, some examples are given. A long list of mistakes that have been found is given in an addendum of the paper.
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