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1301. On the temperature dependence of the optical response: Application to bulk GaAs 2007 Z.A. Ibrahim, A.I. Shkrebtii, M.J.G. Lee, K. Vynck, T. Teatro, W. Richter, T. Trepk, and T. Zettler Condensed Matter Physics
1302. Temperature dependent vibrational spectra in non-crystalline materials: application to hydrogenated amorphous silicon 2007 I.M. Kupchak, F. Gaspari, A.I. Shkrebtii, and J. Perz Condensed Matter Physics
1303. Solubility of Lycopene in Supercritical CO2 , CO2 + ethanol and CO2 + canola oil using Dynamic Extraction of Tomato 2007 M.D.A. Saldana, F. Temelli, B. Tomberli, S.E. Guigand and C.G. Gray Biophysics
1304. The C6F5XeF2+ Cation: Structure and Bonding in [C6F5XeF2][BF4] and [C6F5XeF2][BF4]∙1.5NCCH3 and Properties/Reactivity/ Stability of [C6F5XeF2][BF4] and [C6F5XeF2][B(CF3)4] in Solutions 2007 K. Koppe, H-J. Frohn, H.P.A. Mercier, G.J. Schrobilgen Inorganic Chemistry
1305. The Missing Neutral Oxide Fluoride of Xenon: Synthesis and Characterization of O(XeF)2 2007 M.D. Moran, B. E. Pointner, G.J. Schrobilgen, R. Suontamo Inorganic Chemistry
1306. An Isolated Nitrate Salt of Xenon (II): Synthesis and Characterization of FXeONO2 2007 M.D. Moran, G.J. Schrobilgen Inorganic Chemistry
1307. Synthesis of Structural Analogues of the Oxidized Sites in the Xanthine Oxidoreductase Enzyme Family 2007 J-J Wang, S Groysman, S C Lee, R H Holm Inorganic Chemistry
1308. Even electron ions : a systematic study of the neutral species lost in the dissociation of quasi-molecular ions 2007 K. Levsen, H-M Schiebel, J.K. Terlouw, K.J. Jobst, M. Elend, A. Preiss, H. Theile, A. Ingendoh Computational Chemistry
1309. Loss of DCN from ionized 4-hydroxypyridine-OD : an intriguing reaction unravelled by theory and experiment 2007 K.J. Jobst, T.R. Khan, J.K. Terlouw Computational Chemistry
1310. Massive Star Formation via High Accretion Rates and Early Disk-driven Outflows, 2007 R. Banerjee, R.E. Pudritz Astrophysics
1311. Saving Planetary Systems: Dead Zones and Planetary Migration, 2007 S. Matsumura, R.E. Pudritz and E. Thommes Astrophysics
1312. The Formation of Star Clusters II. Three-Dimentional Simulations of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in Molecular Clouds 2007 D.A. Tilley and R.E. Pudritz Astrophysics
1313. Forming disc galaxies in ΛCDM simulations 2007 F. Governato, B. Willman, B., L. Mayer, A. Brooks, G. Stinson, O. Valenzuela, J. Wadsley, T. Quinn Astrophysics
1314. Fundamental differences between SPH and grid methods 2007 O. Agertz, B. Moore, J. Stadel, D. Potter, F. Miniati, J. Read, L. Mayer, A. Gawryszczak, A. Kratsov, A. Nordlund, F. Pearce, V. Quilis, D. Rudd, V. Springel, J. Stone, E. Tasker, R. Teyssier, J. Wadsley, R. Walder Astrophysics
1315. Doping-induced structure and property variations in alkali-cluster halides: Li<sub>13</sub>F & Li<sub>13</sub>F<sub>2</sub> 2007 F. Y. Naumkin Computational Chemistry
1316. Influence of footwear midsole material hardness on dynamic balance control during unexpected gait termination 2007 Perry SD, Radtke A, Goodwin, CR Artificial intelligence
1317. Preventing falls in older adults: new interventions to promote more effective change-in-support balance reactions 2007 Maki BE, Cheng K, Mansfield A, Scovila C, Perry SD, Peter A , McKay S , Lee T, Marquisa A, Corbeile P, Fernie GR, Liu B and McIlroy WE Artificial intelligence
1318. Efficacy and effectiveness of a balance-enhancing insole. 2007 Perry SD, Radtke A, McIlroy WE, Fernie GR, Maki BE Artificial intelligence
1319. Legendre polynomials versus linear splines in the Canadian test-day model 2007 J. Bohmanova, J. Jamrozik, F. Miglior, I. Misztal and P.G. Sullivan Animal Breeding
1320. Fixation probabilities when generation times are variable: the burst-death model 2007 J. Hubbarde, G. Wild, L.M. Wahl Mathematical Biology