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1061. Hydrogen-bond mediated transitional adlayer of glycine on Si(111)7x7 at room temperature 2008 L. Zhang, A. Chatterjee, M. Ebrahimi, K.T. Leung Computational Chemistry
1062. Core-level electronic structure of solid-phase glycine, glycyl-glycine, diglycyl-glycine and polyglycine: X-ray photoemission analysis and Hartree-Fock calculations of their zwitterions 2008 A. Chatterjee, L.Y. Zhao, L. Zhang, D. Pradhan, X.J. Zhou, K.T. Leung Computational Chemistry
1063. links to publications 2008 Henry Wolkowicz and co-authors Optimization
1064. Stability of the five-body bi-positronium ion $Ps_2 e^-$ 2008 Alexei M Frolov and David M Wardlaw Physics
1065. Solving the problem of negative synaptic weights in cortical models 2008 C Parisien, CH Anderson, C Eliasmith Computational Neuroscience
1066. Compositionality and Biologically Plausible Models 2008 T Stewart, C Eliasmith Computational Neuroscience
1067. Methods for Augmenting Semantic Models with Structural Information for Text Classification 2008 J Fishbein, C Eliasmith Computational Neuroscience
1068. Integrating Structure and Meaning: A New Method for Encoding Structure for Text Classification 2008 J Fishbein, C Eliasmith Computational Neuroscience
1069. Design Succinct Structural Alphabets 2008 Shuaicheng Li, Dongbo Bu, Xin Gao, Jinbo Xu, Ming Li Bioinformatics
1070. A comparison of protein family classification using HMMER and a new stochastic method 2008 Michael Curchin, Stefan C. Kremer Bioinformatics
1071. Two Novel Techniques for Grammatical Inference 2008 Michael Curchin, Stefan C. Kremer Bioinformatics
1072. On the Appropriate ‘Equivalent Aperture’ for the Description of Solute Transport in Single Fractures: Laboratory-scale Experiments 2008 Zheng Q; Dickson SE; Guo Y Earth and Space Science
1073. A direct numerical simulation of scalar transport in a free surface jet 2008 Naqavi I Z, Savory E, Martinuzzi R J Fluid Mechanics
1074. Self-avoiding polygons and walks in slits 2008 J. Alvarez, E. J. Janse van Rensburg, C. E. Soteros, and S. G. Whittington Applied Mathematics
1075. Atmospheres of Polygons and Knotted Polygons 2008 E.J. Janse van Rensburg and Applied Mathematics
1076. Direct Numerical Simulation of a Rectangular Surface Jet – Validation of Results 2008 Naqavi I, Savory E, Martinuzzi R J Fluid Mechanics
1077. An adaptive collocation method for the solution of partial differential equations on the sphere 2008 N. Kevlahan, M. Mehra Fluid Mechanics
1078. Numerical Investigation of Subsonic Buoyant Round Jets 2008 B. Chernyavsky, T.C. Wu, F. Peneau, P. Oshkai, N Djilali Computational Fluid Dynamics
1079. Dissolution of solid NaCl nano-particles embedded in supersaturated water vapor probed by molecular dynamic simulations 2008 Alexander Zasetsky, Igor Svishchev and James Sloan, Chemical Physics
1080. The Role of Paper-Nip Interactions on Electrostatic Toner Transfer Forces in Xerographic Printing 2008 2. Tao Wu, Chaohui Tong and Nikolas Provatas Materials Simulations