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1021. Spiral and Bar Instabilities Provoked by Dark Matter Satellites 2008 J. Dubinski, J.-R. Gauthier, L.M. Widrow, S. Nickerson High Performance Computing
1022. Modeling of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) thin films prepared by the Saddle Field Glow Discharge Method for photo-voltaic applications 2008 A.V. Sachenko, A.I. Shkrebtii, F. Gaspari, N. Kherani, and A. Kazakevitch Condensed Matter Physics
1023. The influence of Kondo physics on the properties of a spin glass 2008 F. Fazileh and E.H. Kim Condensed Matter Physics
1024. Study of Number of Packets in Transit in Data Network Model Near Onset of Congestion Using Functional Fixed Effect Models 2008 A.T. Lawniczak and S. Xie Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
1025. Parametric & Non-Parametric Analysis of Mean Traetment Effects of Number of Packets in Transit in Data Network Model 2008 S. Xie, A.T. Lawniczak and P. Liό Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
1026. Wavelet-domain statistics of packet switching networks near traffic congestion 2008 3. P. Liό, A.T. Lawniczak, S. Xie and J. Xu Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
1027. Performance & packet traffic dynamics of Packet Switching Network Model 2008 A.T. Lawniczak Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
1028. First Principles Molecular Simulation of Energetic Materials at High Pressures 2008 F. Zhang, S. Alavi, A. Hu. T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
1029. Determination of NMR Lineshape Anisotropy of Guest Molecules within Inclusion Complexes from Molecular Dynamics Simulations 2008 S. Alavi, P. Dornan, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
1030. The Mechanism of Olefin Hydrogenation Catalyzed by RuHCl(L)(PR3)2 Complexes (L=CO, PR3)", 2008 C.N. Rowley, H.M. Foucault, T.K. Woo, D.E. Fogg Computational Chemistry
1031. Structural and Electronic Properties of NM-Doped Ceria (NM=Pt, Rh); A First Principles Study 2008 Z. Yang, G. Lao, Z. Lu, T.K. Woo, K. Hermansson Computational Chemistry
1032. Investigation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons Adsorbed in Zeolite Na-Y by Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy 2008 J. Zhu, N. Trefiak, T.K. Woo, Y. Huang Computational Chemistry
1033. 6,7-Diaza-1-methoxy-5-methyl-2,8-dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]oct-6-ene. An unstable bicyclic precursor of a dioxa carbonyl ylide and carbenes by ylide ring opening. 2008 W. Czardybon, W. Sokol, J. Warkentin, and N. H. Werstiuk Computational Chemistry
1034. Computing intensive simulations in biofilm modeling 2008 HJ Eberl, N Muhammad, R sudarsa Mathematical Biology
1035. Chiral Palladium(II) Complexes of Bi- and Tridentate Oxazolidines 2008 E. T. J. Strong, S. A. Cardile, A. Brazeau, M. C. Jennings and N. D. Jones Inorganic Chemistry
1036. On the pressure-induced loss of crystallinity in zinc- and calcium-phosphates 2008 D. Shakhvorostov, M. H. Müser, N. J. Mosey, D. J. Munoz-Paniagua, G. Pereira, Y. Song, M. Kasrai, and P. R. Norton Molecular Simulation
1037. "Turbulence Modeling of Forced Convection Heat Transfer in Two-Dimensional Ribbed Channels 2008 E. Elsaadawy, H. Mortazavi, and M.S. Hamed Computational Fluid Dynamics
1038. Compressing pressure data by a method based on neural networks 2008 X. Gavalda1a, J. Ferrer-Gener1b, G.A. Kopp2, and Francesc Giralt1a Fluid Dynamics
1039. Forecasting pressure coefficients on a circular cylinder at Re=106 by cognitive classifiers and linear transformations 2008 X. Gavalda1a, J. Ferrer-Gener1b, G.A. Kopp2, Francesc Giralt1a and J. Galsworthy2 Fluid Dynamics
1040. GRAVITAS: Portraits of a Universe in Motion 2008 John Dubinski and John Kameel Farah High Performance Computing