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1. Chemistry of cleaving C-H bonds with hyperthermal H2: Inception, Development, and Practical Applications 2011 W. M. Lau et al Computational Surface Chemistry
2. First-Principles Study of Ethylene on Ge(001)sElectronic Structures and STM Images 2010 X.L. Fan, Q. Cheng, Q. Chi, Y.F. Zhang , and W.M. Lau Computational Surface Chemistry
3. First Principles Study of the Adsorption Structure of Ethylene on Ge(001) Surface 2010 X.L. Fan, C.C. Sun, X.F. Zhang, and W.M. Lau Computational Surface Chemistry
4. Nondissociative adsorption of O2 on Ge(100) 2009 X.L. Fan, W.M. Lau, and Z.F. Liu Computational Surface Chemistry
5. Stability and flexibility of self-assembled monolayers of thiols consisting of a horizontal large pi-system and a vertical spacer 2008 R.F. Dou, X.C. Ma, L. Xi, H.L. Yip, K.Y. Wong, W.M. Lau, X.L. Fan, J.F. Jia, Q.K. Xue, W.S. Yang, H. Ma, and A.K.Y. Jen Computational Surface Chemistry
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