Publications by SHARCNET researchers

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2141. Torsion in Milnor fibre homology 2003 Daniel Cohen, Graham Denham, Alex Suciu algebraic combinatorics
2142. Direct Monte Carlo Simulation of Joule-Thomson Processes 2003 M. Lisal, I. Nezbeda, W.R. Smith Materials Simulations
2143. Some University Teaching and Research Applications using ACIS 2003 Peng Wu, Robert Fleisig, Allan Spence Computational Design and Manufacturing
2144. Cluster Monte Carlo Algorithm for the Quantum Rotor Model 2003 F. Alet, E. S. Sorensen Condensed Matter Physics
2145. Effects of Randomly Added Links on Average Delay and Number of Packets in Transit in Data Network Traffic Models 2003 A.T. Lawniczak, A. Gerisch, P. Zhao and B. Di Stefano Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
2146. Effects of Randomly Added Links on a Phase Transition in Data Network Traffic Models 2003 A. T. Lawniczak, A. Gerisch and K. Maxie Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
2147. Building Blocks of A Simulation Environment of the OSI Network Layer of Packet-Switching Networks 2003 A. Gerisch, A.T. Lawniczak and B. Di Stefano Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
2148. Development and Performance of Cellular Automaton Model of OSI Network Layer of Packet-Switching Networks 2003 A.T. Lawniczak, A. Gerisch and B. Di Stefano Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
2149. An Atoms in Molecules Computational Study on the Molecular Structure of (Cu2S)n clusters 2003 Boris Ni, James R. Kramer, and Nick H. Werstiuk. J. Computational Chemistry
2150. Direct Molecular-Level Monte Carlo Simulation of Joule-Thompson Processes 2003 M. Lisal, W.R. Smith, K. Aim Materials Simulations
2151. Electrophoretic separation of long polyelectrolytes in submolecular-size constrictions: a Monte Carlo study 2002 F. Tessier, J. Labrie, G. W. Slater Biophysics
2152. Ground state energies for helium, H_-, Ps_- 2002 G.W.F. Drake, M. M. Cassar, R. A. Nistor Theoretical Physics
2153. Progress in helium fine structure calculations and the fine structure constant. 2002 G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
2154. The product formula for the spherical functions on symmetric spaces in the complex case. 2002 P. Graczyk and P. Sawyer Mathematics
2155. The spherical functions related to the root system B_2 2002 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2156. Mechanism of the Addition of Nonenolizable Aldehydes and Ketones to (Di)metallenes 2002 N.J. Mosey, K.M. Baines, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
2157. Parallel Computing Research Using ACIS 2002 Spence, A.D. Computational Design and Manufacturing
2158. Phase behaviour of the antiferromagnetic plane rotator model 2002 Abu-Labdeh AM, Chafe NP, Whitehead JP, De'Bell K, MacIsaac AB Condensed Matter Physics
2159. Modeling the electrostatic and band mixing effects on gain for double quantum wells 2002 P. Weetman, M.S. Wartak, M. Kucharczyk Condensed Matter Physics
2160. Effect of well coupling on the TE optical modal gain in quantum well based semiconductor lasers 2002 P. Weetman, M. Kucharczyk, M.S. Wartak Condensed Matter Physics