Publications by SHARCNET researchers

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2061. The study of the Heisenberg-Euler Lagrangian and some of its Applications 2003 S.R. Valluri, U.D. Jentschura and D.R. Lamm Gravitational Waves (Applied Mathematics, Astronomy, Relativity)
2062. Introduction to Process Traces 2003 L. Ilie, S. Yu, Q. Zhao Computing Science
2063. Modelling Paper Structure and Paper-Press Interactions 2003 19. Nikolas Provatas*, T. Uesaka Materials Simulations
2064. Dendrite to Seaweed Transition in Directional Solidification 2003 18. Nikolas Provatas*, Quanyong Wang, Mikko Haataja and Martin Grant, Materials Simulations
2065. Interepidemic Intervals in Forced and Unforced SEIR Models 2003 C.T. Bauch and D.J.D. Earn Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
2066. Transients and Attractors in Epidemics 2003 C.T. Bauch and D.J.D. Earn Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
2067. Computer simulation of cavity pair distribution functions of hard spheres in a hard slit pore 2003 W.R. Smith and H. L. Vortler Materials Simulations
2068. SIMULATING PRESSURE AND VELOCITY TIME SERIES 2003 Gregory A. Kopp, Joan Ferrer-Gener and Francesc Giralt Fluid Dynamics
2069. The Finite Temperature Structure and Dynamics of Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate Anti-Wear Additives 2003 N.J. Mosey, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
2070. Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations with a HOMO-LUMO Gap Biasing Potential to Accelerate Rare Reaction Events 2003 N.J. Mosey, A. Hu, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
2071. Discrete Element Method Simulation of Solids Conveying in Single-Screw Extruders 2003 P. A. Moysey, M. R. Thompson Chemical Engineering
2072. Memory effects and slow dynamics in ultra thin magnetic films 2003 S. P. Bromley, J. P. Whitehead, K. De'Bell, and A. B. MacIsaac Condensed Matter Physics
2073. Credit Barrier Models 2003 C.Albanese, G. Campolieti, O. Chen, A. Zavidonov Mathematics
2074. Nonlinear Hydromagnetic Wave Support of a Stratified Molecular Cloud 2003 T. Kudoh, S. Basu Interstellar Matter
2075. Key roles of Phe1112 and Ser1115 in the pore-forming IIIS5-S6 linker of L-type Ca2+ channel alpha1C subunit (CaV 1.2) in binding of dihydropyridines and action of Ca2+ channel agonists 2003 Yamaguchi S, Zhorov BS, Yoshioka K, Nagao T, Ichijo H, Adachi-Akahane S. Biophysics
2076. Wigner function modelling of quantum well semiconductor lasers using classical electromagnetic field coupling 2003 P. Weetman, M.S. Wartak Condensed Matter Physics
2077. Advanced modeling of semiconductor lasers based on quantum Boltzmann equation 2003 M.S. Wartak, P. Weetman Condensed Matter Physics
2078. High Performance Computing in Astrophysics: Parallel Gasdynamics and Gasoline 2003 James Wadsley Astrophysics
2079. Simulations of unstable gaseous disks and the origin of giant planets 2003 Lucio Mayer, Tom Quinn, James Wadsley, Joachim Stadel Astrophysics
2080. Cluster Validity and the Semi-Supervised Classification Problem 2003 Neil Harvey, Deborah A. Stacey Artificial intelligence