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Publications by SHARCNET researchers

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
2101. Hyperfine splitting, isotope shift, and evel energy of the 3S states of 6,7Li 2003 H. A. Bushaw, W. N\"ortersh\"auser, G. Ewald, A. Dax, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
2102. Bethe logarithm and QED shift for lithium 2003 Z.-C. Yan, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical atomic and molecular physics Theoretical Physics
2103. Towards measuring the charge radius of He-6 and He-8 2003 P. Mueller, L. B. Wang, K. Bailey, G. W. F. Drake, X. Du, J. Greene, N. M. Heinz, R. J. Holt, D. Henderson, J. P. Schiffer Theoretical Physics
2104. Detailed ab initio electronic structure study of two approximants to Al-Mn based icosahedral quasicrystals 2003 E.S. Zijlstra, S.K. Bose Condensed Matter Physics
2105. Molecular dynamics simulations of a protein model in uniform and elongation flow fields 2003 A. Lemak, J.R. Lepock, J.Z.Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
2106. Minimal model for prion folding pathways 2003 J.Z.Y. Chen, A. Lemak, J. R. Lepock, J.P. Kemp Soft Matter Physics
2107. Unified model for the secondary structures in proteins 2003 J.Z.Y. Chen, H. Imamura Soft Matter Physics
2108. Understanding protein folding from polymer models 2003 J.Z.Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
2109. Unfolding a protein in external fields: can we always observe folding immediate states? 2003 A. Lemak, J.R. Lepock, J.Z.Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
2110. Effect of the intermediate state on the loop-to-coil transition of a telechelic chain 2003 Y.-J. Sheng, H.-J. Lin, J.Z.Y. Chen, H.-K. Tsao Soft Matter Physics
2111. Effect of intrachain mismatch of loop-to-coil transition of an associated chain 2003 H.-K. Tsao, J.Z.Y. Chen, Y.J. Sheng Soft Matter Physics
2112. Collapsing Cristobalitelike Structures in Silica Analogues at High Pressure 2003 J. Haines, C. Chateau, J.M. Leger, C. Bogicevic, S. Hull, D.D. Klug, J.S. Tse Condensed Matter Physics
2113. Working During School and Academic Performance 2003 T. Stinebrickner, R. Stinebrickner Applied Econometrics
2114. Understanding Educational Outcomes of Students from Low Income Families: Evidence from a Liberal Arts College with a Full Tuition Subsidy 2003 T. Stinebrickner, R. Stinebrickner Applied Econometrics
2115. Transients and attractors in epidemics 2003 C. T. Bauch, D. J. D. Earn Mathematical Biology
2116. Optimizing GoTools' Search Heuristics using Genetic Algorithms 2003 M. Pratola, T. Wolf Applied Mathematics
2117. Programming in a High Level Approach to Scientific Computing 2003 B. Ge High Performance Computing
2118. Feasibility study of an adaptive large eddy simulation method 2003 D. Goldstein, O. Vasilyev, N. Kevlahan Fluid Mechanics
2119. Statistical mechanics of static and low-velocity kinetic friction 2003 M. H. Müser, M. Urbakh, and M. O. Robbins Molecular Simulation
2120. Finite Temperature Structure and Dynamics of Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate Wear Inhibitors: A Density Functional Theory and ab initio Molecular Dynamics Study 2003 N.J. Mosey, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry