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1. Glutathione Radical Cation in the Gas Phase; Generation, Structure and Fragmentation 2011 Junfang Zhao, K. W. Michael Siu and Alan C. Hopkinson Mass Spectrometry
2. Doubly Charged Protonated a Ions Derived from Small Peptides 2011 Irine S. Saminathan, Junfang Zhao, K.W Michael Siu, Alan C. Hopkinson Mass Spectrometry
3. Structure of the [M + H – H2O]+ Ion from Tetraglycine: A Revisit by Means of Density Functional Theory and Isotope Labeling 2011 Udo H. Verkerk, Junfang Zhao, Michael J. Van Stipdonk, Benjamin J. Bythell, Jos Oomens, Alan C. Hopkinson, and K.W. Michael Siu Mass Spectrometry
4. A comparison of the fragmentation pathways of [CuII(Ma)(Mb)]•2+ complexes where Ma and Mb are peptides containing either a tryptophan or a tyrosine residue 2010 Yuyong Ke, Houssain El Aribi, Chi-Kit Siu, K.W. Michael Siu, Alan C. Hopkinson Mass Spectrometry
5. Dissociation of copper(II) ternary complexes containing cystine 2010 Y. Ke, J. Zhao, K. W. M. Siu and A. C. Hopkinson Mass Spectrometry
6. Bond Dissociation Energies of Solvated Silver(I)−Amide Complexes: Competitive Threshold Collision-Induced Dissociations and Calculations 2010 Vladimir Romanov, Chi-Kit Siu, Udo H. Verkerk, Alan C. Hopkinson, K. W. Michael Siu Mass Spectrometry
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