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1861. Stereo vision based close-up dimensional inspection 2005 J. Mitchell, A. Spence, D. Capson, H. Chan, M. Goldstein Computational Design and Manufacturing
1862. Techniques for Accelerating B-Rep Based Parallel Machining Simulation 2005 R.V. Fleisig, A.D. Spence Computational Design and Manufacturing
1863. Second-order Relativistic corrections for the S-states in one- and two-electron systems 2005 A.M. Frolov, C. C. Mitelut, Z. Zhong Theoretical Physics
1864. Relativistic corrections to the ground state energy of Ps$^-$, 2005 M. Grigorescu, G.W.F. Drake Theoretical Physics
1865. Fine Structure of the 1s3p 3P_J Level in Atomic 4He: Theory and Experiment 2005 P. Mueller, L.-B. Wang, G. W. F. Drake, K. Bailey, Z.-T. Lu, T. P. O Theoretical Physics
1866. Hamiltonian long wave expansions for free surfaces and interfaces 2005 W. Craig, P. Guyenne, H. Kalisch Mathematics
1867. Hamiltonian long wave expansions for water waves over a rough bottom 2005 W. Craig, P. Guyenne, D. Nicholls, C. Sulem Mathematics
1868. Towards reconstructing an ancient adaptive event 2005 G. Zhu, G.B. Golding, A.M. Dean Computational Biology
1869. A Comparative Analysis of Two Posteriori Error Estimators for the Finite Element Method 2005 Ahmed H. ElSheikh, Samir E. Chidiac and W. Spencer Smith Software Engineering
1870. The Core of the Quadrantid Meteoroid Stream is Two Hundred Years Old 2005 P. Wiegert and P. Brown Astrophysics Astronomy, General Relativity, Computer Science, Applied Math
1871. The Quadrantid meteoroid complex 2005 P. Wiegert and P. Brown Astronomy, General Relativity, Computer Science, Applied Math
1872. Numerical simulations of expanding supershells in dwarf irregular galaxies II. Formation of giant HI rings 2005 E. I. Vorobyov, S. Basu Interstellar Matter
1873. Quantum Monte Carlo calculation of the electronic binding energy in a C60 molecule 2005 Fei Lin, Jurij Smakov, Erik Sorensen, Catherine Kallin and John Berlinsky Condensed Matter Physics
1874. Diffusion, Elasticity, and Shear Flow in Self-Assembled Block Copolymers: A Molecular Dynamics Study 2005 B. Fraser, C. Denniston, M. Mueser Condensed Matter Physics
1875. Computing the least squares inverse of sparse matrices on a network of clusters 2005 B. Ge High Performance Computing
1876. Effect of reverse dome stretching on dome height and forming limits of sheet materials 2005 M. Jain, J. Allin, X. Duan and D. J. Lloyd Materials Simulations
1877. Prediction of shear localization during large deformation of a continuous cast Al-Mg sheet 2005 X. Duan, M. Jain, D. Metzger, J. Kang, D. S. Wilkinson, J. D. Embury Materials Simulations
1878. A Unified Theory of Codon Reassignment in Alternative Genetic Codes 2005 S, Sengupta, P. G. Higgs Biophysics
1879. Higher-order Foppl models of steady wake flows 2005 B. Protas Fluid Dynamics
1880. An adaptive multilevel wavelet collocation method for elliptic problems 2005 O. Vasilyev, N. Kevlahan Fluid Mechanics