Publication: Techniques for Accelerating B-Rep Based Parallel Machining Simulation

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Title Techniques for Accelerating B-Rep Based Parallel Machining Simulation
Authors/Editors* R.V. Fleisig, A.D. Spence
Where published* Computer Aided Design
How published* Journal
Year* 2005
Volume 37
Number 12
Pages 1229-1240
Publisher xxxxx
Keywords machining simulation, solid modeling, parallel processing
Link xxxxx
Continued progress in the area of solid modeller based machining process simulation is hindered by the complexity growth that occurs for a large number of toolpath, n. For this reason, many researchers have adopted the Z-buffer approach. Boundary-representation (B-rep), however, remains the dominant choice for commercial computer aided design and manufacturing software. In this paper, it is shown that, under practical 2-1/2 D machining assumptions, the total number of toolpath neighbour pairs is O(n), and therefore the average ratio of simulated to subtracted toolpaths remains constant. Toolpath neighbours are grouped and simulated in parallel, greatly reducing wall clock running time. Running time is further reduced by filtering the intersection graph for edges and faces that are relevant to the cutter immersion. This information is subsequently used to discard irrelevant and time consuming intersection operations. Overall, a 90 % decrease in wall clock running time was achieved.
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