Publication: Higher-order Foppl models of steady wake flows

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Title Higher-order Foppl models of steady wake flows
Authors/Editors* B. Protas
Where published* Physics of Fluids
How published* Journal
Year* 2005
Volume 18
Pages 117109
Publisher American Institute of Physics
In this paper we present a method for developing control--oriented reduced--order models of wake flows based on solutions of the steady Euler equations. Such reduced--order models are constructed as potential flow solutions generalizing the point--vortex F\"oppl system and reproduce the velocity field of the steady solutions of the Euler equations obtained by Elcrat et al.~(2000). Various properties of such higher--order F\"oppl systems relevant from the control--theoretic point of view are analyzed and compared to the properties of the classical F\"oppl system and the steady Euler equations.
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