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1. Backdoors in Satisfiability Problems 2009 Zijie Li Artificial intelligence
2. An Application of Constraint Programming to Superblock Instruction Scheduling 2008 A. M. Malik, M. Chase, T. Russell, P. van Beek Artificial intelligence
3. The use of artificial neural networks to approximate the centre of mass of the body from plantar-surface pressure. 2007 Perry SD, Beattie C, Tung J Artificial intelligence
4. On universal restart strategies for backtracking search. 2007 H. Wu, P. van Beek Artificial intelligence
5. On portfolios for backtracking search in the presence of deadlines. 2007 H. Wu, P. van Beek Artificial intelligence
6. Influence of footwear midsole material hardness on dynamic balance control during unexpected gait termination 2007 Perry SD, Radtke A, Goodwin, CR Artificial intelligence
7. Preventing falls in older adults: new interventions to promote more effective change-in-support balance reactions 2007 Maki BE, Cheng K, Mansfield A, Scovila C, Perry SD, Peter A , McKay S , Lee T, Marquisa A, Corbeile P, Fernie GR, Liu B and McIlroy WE Artificial intelligence
8. Optimal basic block instruction scheduling for multiple-issue processors using constraint programming. 2007 A. M. Malik, J.McInnes, P.van Beek Artificial intelligence
9. Efficacy and effectiveness of a balance-enhancing insole. 2007 Perry SD, Radtke A, McIlroy WE, Fernie GR, Maki BE Artificial intelligence
10. Evaluation of age-related plantar-surface insensitivity and onset age of advanced insensitivity in older adults using vibratory and touch sensation tests 2006 Perry SD Artificial intelligence
11. Analysis and Preprocessing of Syndromic Surveillance Data 2005 David Calvert, Glenn Guthrie, Deborah A. Stacey, Victoria Edge Artificial intelligence
12. Detection of Disease Outbreaks in Pharmaceutical Sales: Neural Networks and Threshold Algorithms 2005 Glenn Guthrie, Deborah A. Stacey, David Calvert, Victoria Edge Artificial intelligence
13. ART2 Based Classification of Sparse High Dimensional Parameter Sets For A Simulation Parameter Selection Assistant 2005 Gregory A. Klotz, Deborah A. Stacey Artificial intelligence
14. Cluster Validity and the Semi-Supervised Classification Problem 2003 Neil Harvey, Deborah A. Stacey Artificial intelligence
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