Publication: Laser Digitizer Based Strain Measurement

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Title Laser Digitizer Based Strain Measurement
Authors/Editors* Chan, H.L., Spence, A.D., and Sklad, M
Where published* Proc. 16th Annual ASPE Meeting
How published* None
Year* 2001
Volume 0
Number 0
Keywords image processing, sheet metal strain analysis
Automotive sheet panel strain measurement usually involves large surface areas. For high resolution analysis, using the circle grid analysis method, several hundred elements must be measured. Existing technologies are limited to the small surface that area can be measured in one setup. As well, the (X,Y,Z) location on the part is not accurately available. This paper reports a new surface strain measurement system based on use of a laser digitizer attached to a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). A Forming Limit Diagram is automatically generated. The thickness strain is calculated, and displayed as a color shaded part surface image. There is a very good agreement with a dial gauge measurement of thickness.
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