Press Releases

SHARCNET has issued a call for proposals for Round XI of SHARCNET’s Research Support Programmes: Fellowships & Dedicated Resources. Applications for this round are for Dedicated Resources ONLY. The deadline for Round XI is September 30, 2009.

The Compute Canada National Resource Allocation Call for Proposals has been issued, with a submission deadline of August 31, 2009. Additional details are also available at the Compute Canada website:

SHARCNET is pleased to announce the results of the Round I competition for SHARCNET Digital Humanities Fellowships. The Board of Directors has approved the allocation of two SHARCNET awards, to the University of Guelph and the University of Windsor.

Please join us for SHARCNET Research Day 2009, to be held on May 21, at the University of Waterloo. SHARCNET Research Day is the premier annual event at which SHARCNET professors, postdocs and graduate students meet to learn about each other’s HPC-related research. The theme of the meeting is “HPC Innovation for Research.” This event is free and lunch will be provided.

We invite you and your research group to attend SHARCNET Research Day 2009 and present your work. Please register for the event via the Research Day website. After registration, you can submit an abstract for an oral presentation or poster by following the link on the registration webpage. SHARCNET Research Day is jointly sponsored by SHARCNET, University of Waterloo and ORION’s O3 initiative. A printable poster is also available for distribution.

SHARCNET is pleased to offer its preeminent training event: Summer School on High Performance and Technical Computing 2009. This is an annual event that provides students with an opportunity of learning and sharing the knowledge and experience in high performance and technical computing on platforms with the latest technologies. The five day summer school offers intensive courses on various subjects. These courses will include lectures and computer labs with hands-on exercises on programming distributed and shared memory systems, multicore systems, IBM Cell systems and GPGPUs. This year, summer school will be hosted at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Oakville, Ontario, June 1-5th. Please register for the event via the Summer School website. A printable poster is also available for distribution.

Today, SHARCNET launched an updated version of the website. Along with the new look, we’ve also enhanced functionality, navigation and content within the site. The SHARCNET website is one of our primary communications tools and we also make extensive use of the web portal and wiki for account management, information exchange, and interactions among staff and users. The website, along with our RSS feed, provides comprehensive and up-to-date information to the broader HPC community. Users are encouraged to check out the new format.

Your feedback is important to us! SHARCNET is currently running its annual User Satisfaction Survey, to seek feedback from the user community on all aspects of our organization and operations. Users will find the survey within the SHARCNET web portal and are encouraged to respond by July 2nd.

Results from the survey assist us in evaluating our success in meeting users’ HPC needs and help us improve our services in the future. Summary results from previous surveys are also available via the web portal.

SHARCNET and ORANO have partnered to be industry co-sponsors at the Ontario College of Art and Design’s annual GradEx Gala. We are the host of the Interactive Media table at the gala dinner on May 6. Opening Night celebrations are the next evening, May 7. The 94th annual OCAD Graduate Exhibition is the highlight of OCAD’s academic year. It’s an inventive, often provocative, always fascinating event and a powerful magnet for the art, design and business communities, as well as the media and general public.