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SHARCNET and Compute Canada have partnered to be gold sponsors of ORION’s Summit 2010, taking place April 12-13, 2010 at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto.

The ORION Summit will be a celebration of achievements, bringing together leading researchers, scientists, educators and innovators to map out what researchers and educators will be able to do in the future, with cutting-edge advanced and collaborative technologies and new and exciting applications and services that will help place Ontario at the global vanguard of the innovation and knowledge-based economy.

Compute Canada and SHARCNET have collaborated with ORION to devote a full plenary session to the topic of HPC. The plenary is designed to show the innovation enabled by HPC and what researchers need to know to get started.

The discussion features a who’s who of HPC in Ontario, with Susan Baldwin, Executive Director, Compute Canada, Dr. Hugh Couchman, Scientific Director of SHARCNET, and Dr. Paul Maxim, Associate Vice-President, Research and Professor of Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University and Chair of the Ontario High Performance Computing Council (OHPCC).

The session will also feature practical examples of how HPC is being used in actual research. Tom Woo, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Ottawa, is one of the researchers who will illustrate how his research is enabled by high performance computing, and how essential HPC has become to research and discovery. His recent work involves the capture of CO2 to mitigate green house gas emissions. Susan Brown, a digital humanist and Associate Professor in literary and theatre studies at the University of Guelph, will also be presenting her research using HPC.

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Please join us for SHARCNET Research Day 2010, to be held on May 6th, at York University. SHARCNET Research Day is the premier annual event at which SHARCNET professors, postdocs and graduate students meet to learn about each other’s HPC-related research. The theme of the meeting is “HPC Innovation for Research.”

We invite you and your research group to attend and present your HPC-related work. Pease visit the Research Day website to register for the event and to submit abstracts for oral presentations and posters. The event is free and lunch will be provided.

SHARCNET Research Day 2010 will feature:

  • two invited keynote presentations by leading HPC researchers
  • several parallel tracks of contributed presentations
  • a poster session with prizes for best posters in several categories

Important Dates:

  • April 16: deadline for abstracts – contributed oral presentations
  • April 23: notification of acceptance for contributed oral presentations – release of final program
  • April 29: deadline for online abstract submission – posters
  • April 29: deadline for registration (registration is free but required)
  • May 6: SHARCNET Research Day 2010 at York University, Curtis Lecture Hall

A printable poster is available for distribution.

SHARCNET is pleased to provide information on HP Labs Innovation Research Program.

The HP Labs Innovation Research Program is designed to create opportunities -- at colleges, universities and research institutes around the world -- for collaborative research with HP. Through this annual, open Call for Proposals, HP solicits your best ideas on a range of topics with the goal of establishing new research collaborations. Proposals are invited against targeted IRP Research Topics, and will be accepted via an online submission tool (the abstract deadline is January 29, 2010). They will be reviewed by HP Labs scientists for alignment with the selected research topic and impact of the proposed research.

Awards under the 2010 HP Labs Innovation Research Program are primarily intended to provide financial support for a graduate student to assist the Principal Investigator conducting a collaborative research project with HP Labs. Consequently, awards will provide cash support for one year in the range of USD $50,000 to $75,000, including any overhead.

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SHARCNET is pleased to announce the results of its newest competition for Small Dedicated Resources, also referred to as “Small DR”. See allocation details for more information.

Congratulations to all the awardees!

SHARCNET is pleased to announce the results of the Round XI competition for Dedicated Resources, also referred to as “Large DR”. See allocation details for more information.

Congratulations to all the awardees!

SHARCNET has issued a call for proposals for SHARCNET’s newest Research Support Programme: Small Dedicated Resources, with a deadline of December 15, 2009. The Dedicated Resources Programme has been revised and now encompasses two streams with different deadlines and thresholds. The “Small DR” stream is new and will be run as a pilot to assess its utility. The previous Dedicated Resources Programme will now be referred to as “Large DR”. Dedicated Resources allows a researcher to apply for dedicated CPU time and/or storage. Refer to the application guidelines for more information.

An information session has been scheduled on December 2, 2009 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. to assist users in understanding the guidelines and application process. The session is available over SHARCNET’s AccessGrid. Details will also be posted on the SHARCNET Events website. We can also connect a few users by phone, for any remote researchers who are interested in participating. Such users should contact SHARCNET (519-661-4000 or so that we can make arrangements for a phone-in connection. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to review the guidelines as some requirements must be initiated prior to the information session on December 2nd.

Questions may be addressed to

SHARCNET is pleased to be one of the sponsors of OCAD’s groundbreaking international health and design summit November 23-25, 2009, exploring the ways in which art, design and cultural knowledge are important to the health and well-being of the public at large.

Cultural Knowledge and the Healthy Society: A Research & Innovation Summit was born of the belief that adding the knowledge and insights from design, cultural industries and creative/artistic research to health research will lead to a more effective system of health care and prevention as well as foster technological innovation.

This 2-day summit will bring together leading thinkers in Canada and internationally in the areas of design, art/creative research, cultural industries, health, humanities, social science, science and engineering to explore the possibilities of this interdisciplinary collaboration.

Interested in how design can help us understand mental health? What about how design thinking can direct health research to better outcomes in rehabilitation research? How about what happens when artists and designers seek to chart patterns of psychosis? And how design research is important to successful health technology adoption? And then there’s the space of medical visualization, ripe with myriad of collaborative possibilities among artists, designers, social scientists and medical researchers of all fields.

SHARCNET is supporting the panel discussion entitled, “Integrating Art, Science and Health: Medical Visualization” November 24, 10:40 – 11:50am. We invite you to register for this panel, as well as any of the other innovative 13 sessions.

Registration is free:

SHARCNET is pleased to be one of the sponsors of the Gregory Chaitin-in-Ontario seminar series, which features six separate talks at different locations running from September 18-25th. Gregory Chaitin, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York, is the discoverer of the remarkable Omega number. His work on algorithmic information develops an idea in Leibniz’s “Discours de metaphysique” (1686), and has focused on randomness, on the limits of formal axiomatic reasoning, and, more recently, on metabiology. 

A printable poster is available for distribution. Additional location details can be found in the SHARCNET events calendar at: