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1641. Dependence of folding dynamics and structural stability on the location of a hydrophobic pair in beta-hairpins 2006 H. Imamura and J. Z. Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
1642. Persistency of single-stranded DNA: The interplay between base sequences and base stacking 2006 A. Sain, J. Z. Y. Chen, and B.-Y. Ha Soft Matter Physics
1643. Mean first-passage times of looping of polymers with intrachain reactive monomers: lattice Monte Carlo simulations 2006 T. Cui T, J. D. Ding, and J. Z. Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
1644. Conformational study of Met-Enkephalin based on the ECEPP force fields 2006 L. X. Zhan, J. Z. Y. Chen, and W.-K. Liu Soft Matter Physics
1645. Free energy of a wormlike polymer chain confined in a slit: Crossover between two scaling regimes 2006 J. Z. Y. Chen and D. E. Sullivan Soft Matter Physics
1646. A Threaded Parallel Code for Pricing Discrete Asian Options on SMP Systems 2006 B. Ge, A. B. MacIsaac, H. Rasmussen High Performance Computing Numerical Methods Condensed Matter Physics
1647. Atomic determinants of state-dependent block of sodium channels by charged local anesthetics and benzocaine 2006 Tikhonov DB, Bruhova I, Zhorov BS Biophysics
1648. Effects of Polydispersity on Phase Behavior of Diblock Copolymers 2006 David M. Cooke, An-Chang Shi Soft Matter Physics
1649. Protein structure generation and elucidation: applications of automated histogram filtering cluster analysis 2006 Heather Gordon and Stuart M. Rothstein Computational Chemistry Biophysics
1650. Measurements and CFD Simulations of Gas Holdup and Liquid Velocity in Novel Airlift Membrane Contactor 2006 B. Jajuee, A. Margaritis, D. Karamanev, M. A. Bergougnou and S. A. Mohsen Karimian Computational Fluid Dynamics
1651. Effects of Reynolds stress on flow noise from vortex/hydrofoil interactions 2006 Z. C. Zheng, Y. Xu Computational Fluid Dynamics
1652. Operons Across Prokaryotes: Genomic Analyses and Predictions 300+ Genomes Later 2006 G Moreno-Hagelsieb Computational Biology, Systems Biology
1653. Testing the Significance of Categorical Predictor Variables in Nonparametric Regression Models 2006 Jeffrey S. Racine, Jeffrey Hart, Qi Li Statistical Simulation
1654. Genome assembly comparison identifies structural variants in the human genome 2006 Razi Khaja, Junjun Zhang, Jeffrey R MacDonald, Yongshu He, Ann M Joseph-George, John Wei, Muhammad A Rafiq, Cheng Qian, Mary Shago, Lorena Pantano, Hiroyuki Aburatani, Keith Jones, Richard Redon, Matthew Hurles, Lluis Armengol, Xavier Estivill, Richard J Mural, Charles Lee, Stephen W Scherer, Lars Feuk Bioinformatics
1655. The distinctive signatures of promoter regions and operon junctions across prokaryotes 2006 SC Janga, WF Lamboy, AM. Huerta and G Moreno-Hagelsieb Computational Biology, Systems Biology
1656. A Scalable Parallel Implementation of a k-Space Method for Large-Scale Ultrasound Imaging Simulations 2006 Mohammad I. Daoud, Yi-Ting Shen, and James C. Lacefield Biomedical Modeling and Simulation
1657. How Large Is the [Fe<sup>III</sup>(Protoporphyrin IX)]<sup>+</sup> Ion (Hemin<sup>+</sup>) in the Gas Phase? 2006 Chi-Kit Siu, Yuzhu Guo, Alan C. Hopkinson, K. W. Michael Siu Computational Chemistry
1658. Predicting the phases of a two-dimensional hard-rod system with real-space self-consistent field theory 2006 Russell B. Thompson Soft Matter Physics
1659. Predicting nonpolymeric materials structure with real-space self-consistent field theory 2006 Russell B. Thompson Soft Matter Physics
1660. Auto-Calibration of Hydrological Models Using High Performance Computing 2006 V. Sharma, D. Swayne, D. Lam, W. Schertzer High Performance Computing