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1461. Free energy of a wormlike polymer chain confined in a slit: crossover between two scaling regimes 2006 J.Z.Y. Chen and D.E. Sullivan Condensed Matter Physics
1462. The removal of cusps from galaxy centres by stellar feedback in the early Universe 2006 S. Mashchenko, J. Wadsley, H. Couchman Astrophysics
1463. Parallel Lossless Data Compression Based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform 2006 J. Gilchrist Image Processing
1464. Assessment of the failure of an electrical transmission line due to a downburst event 2006 A.Y. Shehata and A.A. El Damatty Structural Engineering
1465. Identification of Transport Parameters and Pollution Sources for a Physically Based Groundwater Contaminant Transport Model: A Comparison of Algorithms 2006 Y. Yin, J.F. Sykes Environmental Modelling and Analysis
1466. The Importance of Spatially and Temporally Varying Recharge on the Estimation of Contaminant Transport Parameters 2006 J.F. Sykes, Y. Yin, S.D. Normani Environmental Modelling and Analysis
1467. A simulation model of biofilms with autonomous cells: I. Analysis of a two-dimensional version 2006 Y. B. Tatek, G. W. Slater Biophysics
1468. Modulation of Electroosmotic flow strength with end-grafted polymer chains in a nanochannel 2006 F. Tessier, G. W. Slater Biophysics
1469. Molecular Dynamics simulations with explicit hydrodynamics II: On the collision of polymers with molecular obstacles 2006 M. Kenward, G. W. Slater Biophysics
1470. Polymer translocation in the presence of excluded volume and explicit hydodynamic interactions 2006 S. Guillouzic, G. W. Slater Biophysics
1471. An Accurate ab initio potential energy surface and calculated spectroscopic constants for BeH2, BeD2 and BeHD 2006 H. Li, R.J. Le Roy Molecular Simulation
1472. Studies of light halo nuclei by the isotope shift method. 2006 G. W. F. Drake, Z.-C. Yan Theoretical Physics
1473. Nuclear charge radius of Li-11 2006 R. Sanchez, W. Nörtershäuser, A. Dax, G. Ewald, S. Gotte, R. Kirchner, H.-J. Kluge, T. Khul, A. Wojtaszek, B. A. Bushaw, G. W. F. Drake, C. Zimmermann, D. Albers, J. Behr, P. Bricault, J. Dilling, M. Dombsky, J. Lassen, C.D.P. Levy, M.r. Pearson, E. J. Prime, V. Ryjkov Theoretical Physics
1474. Nuclear charge radius for He-3 2006 D. C. Morton, Q. X. Wu, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
1475. Energy levels for the stable isotpes of atomic helium (He-4 I and He-3 I) 2006 D. C. Morton, Q. X. Wu, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
1476. Nuclear charge radii of Li-9, Li-11: The influence of halo neutrons. 2006 R. Sanchez, W. Nörtershäuser, G. Ewald, D. Albers, J. Behr, P. Bricault, B. A. Bushaw, A. Dax, J. Dilling, M. Dombsky, G. W. Drake, S. Gotte, R. Kirchner, H. J. Kluge, T. Kühl, J. Lassen, C. D. P. Levi, M.R. Pearson, E. J. Prime, V. Ryjkov, A. Wojtaszek, Z. C. Yan. C. Zimmermann Theoretical Physics
1477. Islands of co-expressed neighbouring genes in Arabidopsis thaliana suggest higher order chromosome domains. 2006 S., Zhan, J., Horrocks, L., Lukens. Computational Biology
1478. Patterns of sequence loss and cytosine methylation within a population of newly resynthesized Brassica napus allopolyploids. 2006 L, Lukens, J. C., Pires, E., Leon, R., Vogelzang, L., Oslach, T., Osborn Computational Biology
1479. Velocity-Pressure Coupling in Finite Difference Formulations of the Navier-Stokes Equations 2006 B Zogheib Computational Fluid Dynamics
1480. Parallel Shuffled Complex Evolution Algorithm for Calibration of Hydrological Models 2006 V Sharma, D Swayne, D Lam, W Schertzer Environmental Modelling and Analysis