Publication: Nuclear charge radii of Li-9, Li-11: The influence of halo neutrons.

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Title Nuclear charge radii of Li-9, Li-11: The influence of halo neutrons.
Authors/Editors* R. Sanchez, W. Nörtershäuser, G. Ewald, D. Albers, J. Behr, P. Bricault, B. A. Bushaw, A. Dax, J. Dilling, M. Dombsky, G. W. Drake, S. Gotte, R. Kirchner, H. J. Kluge, T. Kühl, J. Lassen, C. D. P. Levi, M.R. Pearson, E. J. Prime, V. Ryjkov, A. Wojtaszek, Z. C. Yan. C. Zimmermann
Where published* Phys. Rev. Lett.
How published* Journal
Year* 2006
Volume 96
Pages 033002 (4 pages)
The nuclear charge radius of 11Li has been determined for the first time by high-precision laser spectroscopy. On-line measurements at TRIUMF-ISAC yielded a 7Li–11Li isotope shift (IS) of 25 101.23(13) MHz for the Doppler-free 2s 2S1/2-->3s 2S1/2 transition. IS accuracy for all other bound Li isotopes was also improved. Differences from calculated mass-based IS yield values for change in charge radius along the isotope chain. The charge radius decreases monotonically from 6Li to 9Li, and then increases from 2.217(35) to 2.467(37) fm for 11Li. This is compared to various models, and it is found that a combination of halo neutron correlation and intrinsic core excitation best reproduces the experimental results.
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