Publications by SHARCNET researchers

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421. A Finite-Volume Model for Flow in Conjugate Fluid-Porous Domains with Moving Grids 2010 C.T. DeGroot, A.G. Straatman
422. Numerical Methods to Calculate Fuzzy Boundaries for Brownfield Redevelopment Negotiations 2010 Q. Wang, K.W. Hipel, D.M. Kilgour Fuzzy Option Pricing
423. A Numerical Method of Evaluating Brownfields using Fuzzy Boundaries and Fuzzy Real Options 2010 Q. Wang, K.W. Hipel, D.M. Kilgour Fuzzy Option Pricing
424. Evaluating Brownfield Redevelopment in Fuzzy Real Options 2010 Q. Wang, K.W. Hipel, D.M. Kilgour Fuzzy Option Pricing
425. Network-based function prediction and interactomics: The case for metabolic enzymes 2010 Sarath C. Janga, Juan Javier Díaz-Mejía, Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb Computational Biology, Systems Biology
426. Beyond the bounds of orthology: functional inference from metagenomic context 2010 Gregory Vey, Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb Computational Biology, Systems Biology
427. Speed Benchmarks for Pairings over Ordinary Curves 2010 Patrick Longa
428. Speed Benchmarks for Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication 2010 Patrick Longa
429. Estimated gas phase standard state enthalpies of formation for organic compounds using the Gaussian-4 (G4) and W1BD theoretical methods 2010 S Rayne, K Forest Computational Physical Organic Chemistry For The Energy And Environmental Sciences
430. Dissociation of copper(II) ternary complexes containing cystine 2010 Y. Ke, J. Zhao, K. W. M. Siu and A. C. Hopkinson Mass Spectrometry
431. Interaction of an ionic complementary peptide with a hydrophobic graphic surface 2010 Y. Sheng, W. Wang and P. Chen Nanoparticles And Nanomaterials
432. Parallel Hyperbolic PDE Simulation on Clusters: Cell versus GPU 2010 Scott Rostrup and Hans De Sterck Scientific Computing
433. Natural and Artificial RNAs Occupy the Same Restricted Region of Sequence Space 2010 Ryan Kennedy, Manuel E. Lladser, Zhiyuan Wu, Chen Zhang, Michael Yarus, Hans De Sterck, and Rob Knight Scientific Computing
434. Transition entropy, Helmholtz free energy, and heat capacity of free-standing smectic films above the bulk smectic-A-isotropic transition temperature: a mean-field treatment 2010 A.V. Zakharov, D.E. Sullivan Soft Condensed Matter Theory
435. Multicore acceleration of CG algorithms using blocked-pipeline-matching techniques 2010 D. M. Fernández, D. Giannacopoulos and W. J. Gross Computational Electromagnetics
436. Finite element sparse matrix vector multiplication on graphic processing units 2010 M. Mehri Dehnavi, D. Fernández and D. Giannacopoulos Computational Electromagnetics
437. Molecular superfluid: non-classical rotations in doped para-hydrogen clusters 2010 Hui Li, Robert J. Le Roy, Pierre-Nicholas Roy, A.R.W. McKellar Quantum Molecular Dynamics
438. On circulant and two-circulant weighing matrices 2010 K.T. Arasu, I. S. Kotsireas, C. Koukouvinos, J. Seberry Symbolic Computation, Computational Combinatorics
439. Periodic complementary binary sequences and Combinatorial Optimization algorithms 2010 I. S. Kotsireas, C. Koukouvinos, P. M. Pardalos, O. V. Shylo Symbolic Computation, Computational Combinatorics
440. Mapping the variation of the translocation alpha scaling exponent with nanopore width 2010 Hendrick W. de Haan and Gary W. Slater Computational Biophysics