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81. Interaction of d-Tubocurarine with Potassium Channels: Molecular Modeling and Ligand Binding 2006 Rossokhin A, Teodorescu G, Grissmer S, Zhorov BS Biophysics
82. Thermal conductivity and bulk viscosity in a quartic oscillator chain 2005 G.R. Lee-Dadswell, B.G. Nickel and C.G. Gray Biophysics
83. Sodium channel activators: model of binding inside the pore and a possible 2005 Denis B. Tikhonov and Boris S. Zhorov Biophysics
84. Asynchronous multicanonical basin hopping method and its application to cobalt nanoclusters 2005 Lixin Zhan, Jeff Z. Y. Chen, Wing-Ki Liu, S.K. Lai Physics Biophysics
85. Fast stochastic global optimization methods and their applications to cluster crystallization and protein folding 2005 Lixin Zhan Physics Biophysics
86. Mapping of steroids binding to 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 using Monte Carlo energy minimization reveals alternative binding modes 2005 Blanchet J, Lin SX, Zhorov BS Biophysics
87. Branched polymeric labels used as drag-tags in free solution electrophoresis of ssDNA 2005 S. Nedelcu, G. W. Slater Biophysics
88. KvAP-based model of the pore region of shaker potassium channel is consistent with cadmium- and ligand-binding experiments 2005 Iva Bruhova, Boris S Zhorov Biophysics
89. Molecular Dynamics Study of Tethered Polymers in Shear Flow 2005 Y. Gratton, G. W. Slater Biophysics
90. A Unified Theory of Codon Reassignment in Alternative Genetic Codes 2005 S, Sengupta, P. G. Higgs Biophysics
91. Recognizing patterns in high-dimensional data: automated histogram filtering for protein structure elucidation 2005 J. Imada, P. Chapman, and S.M. Rothstein Biophysics
92. Modeling P-loops domain of sodium channel: homology with potassium channels and interaction with ligands 2005 D. B. Tikhonov and B.S.Zhorov Biophysics
93. Simulation Study of N2 Overtone Solvent Shifts Using Improved Potentials 2005 N. Alesi, I.S. Tolokh, S. Goldman and C.G. Gray Biophysics
94. Control and quenching of electroosmotic flow with end-grafted polymer chains 2005 F. Tessier, G. W. Slater Biophysics
95. The orientations of core antenna chlorophylls in photosytem II are optimized to maximize the quantum yield of photosynthesis 2004 S. Vasil Biophysics
96. Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Explicit Hydrodynamics I: On the Friction Coefficient of Deformed Polymers 2004 M. Kenward, G. W. Slater Biophysics
97. Optimization and evolution of light harvesting in photosynthesis: the role of antenna chlorophyll conserved between Photosystem II and Photosystem I. 2004 Vasil'ev, S., and Bruce, D. Biophysics
98. Progress in Classical and Quantum Variational Principles 2004 C.G. Gray, G. Karl and V. Novikov Biophysics
99. Compact Support Radial Basis Functions for Soft Tissue Deformation 2004 Mark P. Wachowiak, Xiaogang Wang, Aaron Fenster, Terry M. Peters Image Processing Biophysics
100. Parallel Optimization Approaches for Medical Image Registration 2004 Wachowiak, M.P., Peters, T.M. Image Processing Biophysics
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