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41. Role of sterol type on lateral pressure profiles of lipid membranes affecting membrane protein functionality: Comparison between cholesterol, desmosterol, 7-dehydrocholesterol and ketosterol 2007 S. Ollila, T. Rog, M. Karttunen, and I. Vattulainen Biophysics
42. Serine-401 as a batrachotoxin- and local anesthetic-sensing residue in the human cardiac Na(+) channel 2007 Wang SY, Tikhonov DB, Zhorov BS, Mitchell J, Wang GK Biophysics
43. Strain hardening, avalanches and strain softening in dense cross-linked actin networks 2007 J. A. Astrom, P.B.S. Kumar, I. Vattulainen, and M. Karttunen Biophysics
44. The Diffusion Coefficient of a Polymer in an Array of Obstacles is a Non-Monotonic Function of the Degree of Disorder in the Medium. 2007 O. A. Hickey, G. W. Slater Biophysics
45. Combinatorial design of passive drug delivery platforms 2007 S. Casault, G. W. Slater Biophysics
46. Electric and hydrodynamic stretching of DNA-polymer conjugates in free-solution electrophoresis 2007 S. Nedelcu, G. W. Slater Biophysics
47. Tethered Polyelectrolytes under the Action of an Electrical Field: A Molecular Dynamics Study 2007 M. Bertrand, G. W. Slater Biophysics
48. Determination of Vapour Pressure and Solubility Prediction and Correlation of Phenolic Compounds in Supercritical CO2 2007 M.D.A. Saldana, B. Tomberli, S.E. Guigard, S. Goldman, C.G. Gray and F. Temelli Biophysics
49. Population genetics without intraspecific data. 2007 Thorne JL, Choi SC, Yu J, Higgs PG, Kishino H. Biophysics
50. Parallel Implementation of the Wang-Landau Algorithm 2007 Lixin Zhan Physics Biophysics
51. Comparison of accessible surface area solvent models inpredicting the native structure of Met-enkephalin 2007 Lixin Zhan, Jeff Z. Y. Chen, and Wing-Ki Liu Physics Biophysics
52. Glycolipid membranes through atomistic simulations: Effect of glucose and galactose head groups on lipid bilayer properties 2007 Tomasz Rog, Ilpo Vattulainen, Alex Bunker, and Mikko Karttunen Biophysics
53. Sodium Channels: Ionic Model of Slow Inactivation and State-Dependent Drug Binding 2007 Denis B. Tikhonov, Boris S. Zhorov Biophysics
54. Irreversible block of cardiac mutant Na+ channels by batrachotoxin 2007 SY Wang, DB Tikhonov, J Mitchell, BS Zhorov, GK Wang Biophysics
55. Comment to Passage Times for Unbiased Polymer Translocation through a Narrow Pore 2007 Kaifu Luo Tapio Ala-Nissila, See-Chen Ying, Pawel Pomorski, Mikko Karttunen Biophysics
56. Comparison of cholesterol and its direct precursors along the biosynthetic pathway: Effects of cholesterol, desmosterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol on saturated and unsaturated lipid bilayers 2007 Tomasz Róg, Ilpo Vattulainen, Maurice Jansen, Elina Ikonen, Mikko Karttunen Biophysics
57. Extensive Molecular Dynamics simulations of the enzyme Catechol-O-Methyl Transferase: Methodological issues 2007 A. Bunker, P.T. Männistö, J.-F. St.-Pierre, T. Róg, P. Pomorski, M. Karttunen Biophysics
58. Kinetic simulations of chlorophyll and carotenoid cation radical dynamics in photosystem II . 2007 Serguei Vassiliev1, Doug Bruce1 and Gary Brudvig2 Biophysics
59. Systematic approach to coarse-graining of molecular descriptions and interactions with applications to lipid membranes 2007 T. Murtola, I. Vattulainen, M. Karttunen Biophysics
60. Stearic acid spin labels in lipid bilayers: Insight through atomistic simulations 2007 Tomasz Róg, Lorna Stimson, Lei Dong, Anna Wisniewska, Magorzata Dutka, Mikko Karttunen Biophysics
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