Publication: Compact Support Radial Basis Functions for Soft Tissue Deformation

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Title Compact Support Radial Basis Functions for Soft Tissue Deformation
Authors/Editors* Mark P. Wachowiak, Xiaogang Wang, Aaron Fenster, Terry M. Peters
Where published* 2004 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro (IEEE-ISBI 2004)
How published* None
Year* 2004
Volume 0
Number 0
Keywords Soft tissue modeling, surgical simulation, radial basis functions, parallel computing, prostate brachytherapy
This paper presents compact support radial basis functions (CSRBFs) for simulation of soft tissue deformation. As opposed to physics-based models, the use of CSRBFs allows surface and volumetric deformations to be computed in real time. In comparison to other spline functions, CSRBFs effect local deformations. In addition, CSRBF matrices are guaranteed to be positive definite and therefore invertable. Visual realism can be achieved by utilizing different CSRBFs with deformation behaviour approximating specific soft tissue characteristics, and by a locality parameter. Computation of the deformations can also be performed in parallel, achieving near real-time performance. The efficacy of this deformation model is demonstrated on data from a 3D prostrate image for the application of needle insertion for implanting radioactive seeds for brachytherapy.
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