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101. Potassium, sodium, calcium and glutamate-gated channels: pore architecture and ligand action 2004 Zhorov BS, Tikhonov DB Biophysics
102. Multicanonical basin hopping: A new global optimization method for complex systems 2004 Lixin Zhan, Bart Piwowar, Wing-Ki Liu, P. J. Hsu, S. K. Lai, Jeff Z. Y. Chen Physics Biophysics
103. In silico activation of KcsA K+ channel by lateral forces applied to the C-termini of inner helices 2004 Denis B.Tikhonov and Boris S.Zhorov Biophysics
104. Unbiased expectation values from diffusion Monte Carlo simulations with a fixed number of walkers 2004 I. Bosa, S.M. Rothstein Biophysics
105. Theoretical study of interaction of winter flounder antifreeze protein with ice 2004 Jorov A, Zhorov BS, Yang DS Biophysics
106. Efficient Generation of Low-Energy Folded States of a Model Protein: II. Automated Histogram Filtering 2003 S.A. Larrass, L.M. Pegram. H.L. Gordon, S.M. Rothstein Computational Chemistry Biophysics
107. Key roles of Phe1112 and Ser1115 in the pore-forming IIIS5-S6 linker of L-type Ca2+ channel alpha1C subunit (CaV 1.2) in binding of dihydropyridines and action of Ca2+ channel agonists 2003 Yamaguchi S, Zhorov BS, Yoshioka K, Nagao T, Ichijo H, Adachi-Akahane S. Biophysics
108. Multiresolution Biomedical Image Registration Using Generalized Information Measures 2003 Mark Wachowiak, Renata Smolikova, Terry Peters Image Processing Biophysics
109. Efficient Generation of Low-Energy Folded States of a Model Protein 2003 H.L. Gordon, W.K. Kwan, C. Gong, S. Larrass, and S.M. Rothstein Computational Chemistry Biophysics
110. Structure-based kinetic modeling of excited-state transfer and trapping in histidine-tagged photosystem II core complexes from Synechocystis 2002 S. Vassiliev,C.-I. Lee, G.W. Brudvig, D. Bruce Biophysics
111. Electrophoretic separation of long polyelectrolytes in submolecular-size constrictions: a Monte Carlo study 2002 F. Tessier, J. Labrie, G. W. Slater Biophysics
112. Regulation of the distribution of chlorophyll and phycobilin-absorbed excitation energy in cyanobacteria. A structure based model for the light state transition 2002 M. D. McConnell, R. Koop, S. Vasil Biophysics
113. Quantum Monte Carlo study of the static electrical properties of H and He ,,, in Recent Advances in QuantumMonte Carlo Methods Part II, ed. by W.A. Lester, Jr., S.M. Rothstein, and S.Tanaka 2002 M. Hornik and S.M. Rothstein Biophysics
114. Homology model of dihydropyridine receptor: implications for L-type Ca(2+) channel modulation by agonists and antagonists 2001 Zhorov BS, Folkman EV, Ananthanarayanan VS. Biophysics
115. Structure of the human 3alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 3 in complex with testosterone and NADP at 1.25-A resolution 2001 Nahoum V, Gangloff A, Legrand P, Zhu DW, Cantin L, Zhorov BS, Luu-The V, Labrie F, Breton R, Lin SX Biophysics
116. Excited state dynamics in photosystem II. New insights from the X-ray crystal structure. 2001 S. Vasil Biophysics
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