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321. Electron-Phonon Coupling in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Correlated Systems 2010 S. Johnston
322. Systematic study of electron-phonon coupling to oxygen modes across the cuprates 2010 Johnston, S. and Vernay F. and Moritz, B. and Shen, Z.-X. and Nagaosa, N. and Zaanen J. and Devereaux T. P.
323. Density of states modulations from oxygen phonons in d-wave superconductors: Reconciling angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy 2010 Johnston, S. and Devereaux, T. P.
324. Sensitive frequency-dependence of the carrier-envelope phase effect on bound-bound transition: an interference perspective 2010 D. Peng, B. Wu, P. Fu, B. Wang, J. Gong, and Z.-C. Yan Computational Atomic Physics
325. Charge-distribution effect of imaging molecular structure by high-order above-threshold ionization 2010 B. B. Wang, Y. C. Guo, B. Zhang, Z. X. Zhao, Z.-C. Yan, and P. Fu Computational Atomic Physics
326. Direct probing of electronic density distribution of a Rydberg state by high-order harmonic generation in a few-cycle laser pulse 2010 Z. Zhai, J. Chen, Z.-C. Yan, P. Fu, B.-B. Wang Computational Atomic Physics
327. Long-range dispersion coefficients for Li, Li$^+$, and Be$^+$ interacting with the rare gases 2010 L.-Y. Tang, J. Y. Zhang, Z.-C. Yan, T.-Y. Shi, and J. Mitroy Computational Atomic Physics
328. The dynamic dipole polarizabilities of Li atom and Be$^+$ ion 2010 L.-Y. Tang, Z.-C. Yan, T.-Y. Shi, and J. Mitroy Computational Atomic Physics
329. Isotope shift measurements in the $2s_{1/2}-2p_{3/2}$ transition of Be$^+$ 2010 M. Zakova, et al Computational Atomic Physics
330. The covalently bound dimer ion HC=N-C=NH and its neutral counterpart 2010 K.J. Jobst, J.K. Terlouw Gaseous Ion Structures, Energetics And Reaction
331. Stability of the warped black string with nontrivial topology in five-dimensional Anti-de Sitter spacetime 2010 Shaoyu Yin, Bin Wang, Robert B. Mann, Chong Oh Lee , Chi-Yong Lin , Ru-Keng Su Quantum Information; Gravitation
332. Building-integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal systems – numerical prediction of exterior convective heat transfer coefficients and parametric analysis 2010 C M Jubayer, P Karava, E Savory Fluid Mechanics
333. CFD simulations for evaluation of forced convective heat transfer coefficients on Photovoltaic/Thermal systems integrated on the windward roof surface of a low-rise building 2010 C M Jubayer, P Karava, E Savory Fluid Mechanics
334. Effects of inertial loading on blood flow in the aortic arch 2010 J. Zalger, J. V. Lassaline Computational Fluid Dynamics
335. A Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of the Human Aortic Arch Under Inertial Loading 2010 J. Zalger Computational Fluid Dynamics
336. Computational analysis of parameter uncertainites in a 2D mixed culture biofilm model 2010 Muhammad N Biomathematics
337. Adhesion of cylindrical colloids to the surface of a membrane 2010 2. S. Mkrtchyan, C. Ying, and J. Z. Y. Chen Soft Condensed Matter Theory
338. Model of a polymer chain adsorbed to a soft membrane surface 2010 J. Z. Y. Chen Soft Condensed Matter Theory
339. A Monte Carlo simulation of the microdosimetric response for Thick Gas Electron Multiplier 2010 A. Hanu, S.H. Byun, W.V. Prestwich Medical Physics, Radiation Sciences
340. Mean-Field Theoretical Study of Bistability in Mixed Azobenzene-Alkylthiol Monolayers 2010 C. R. L. Chapman, I. Paci Theory And Computational Modeling Of Materials