Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2009

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
161. Ensemble Virtual Screening Reveals Potential Inhibitors for the MDM2-p53 Interaction 2009 Khaled H. Barakat and Jack Tuszynski
162. Characterization of an inhibitory dynamic pharmacophore for the ERCC1–XPA interaction using a combined molecular dynamics and virtual screening approach 2009 Khaled H. Barakat, J. Torin Huzil, Tyler Luchko, Lars Jordheim , Charles Dumontet
163. Microphase separation induced by differential interactions in diblock copolymer/homopolymer blends 2009 J. Zhou and A.-C. Shi Soft Matter Physics
164. Positions in the game of Go as Complex Systems 2009 T Wolf Applied Mathematics
165. Stochastic modeling of normal and tumor tissue microstructure for high-frequency ultrasound imaging simulations 2009 M.I. Daoud, J.C. Lacefield Medical Physics
166. Distributed three-dimensional simulation of B-mode ultrasound imaging using a first-order k-space method 2009 M.I. Daoud, J.C. Lacefield Medical Physics
167. A k-space method for acoustic propagation using coupled first-order equations in three dimensions 2009 J.C. Tillett, M.I. Daoud, J.C. Lacefield, R.C. Waag Medical Physics
168. A Parallel Implementation of Rainbowcrack Using MPI 2009 Edward R. Sykes, Wesley Skoczen Scientific Computing
169. Preliminary Findings of Visualization of the Interruptible Moment 2009 Edward R. Sykes Scientific Computing
170. Dependence of a-Si:H density of states on hydrogen content: modeling and experiment 2009 F. Gaspari, I. M. Kupchak, A. I. Shkrebtii, Z. Ibrahim, A. Kazakevitch Condensed Matter Physics
171. Modelling of hydrogenated amorphous silicon: use of vibrational spectra as a protocol for validation 2009 F. Gaspari, I.M. Kupchak, A.I. Shkrebtii, and J. Perz Condensed Matter Physics
172. Impact of Climate Change on hydrologic regime in Canard River Watershed, Ontario 2009 Rahman, M., T. Bolisetti, and R. Balachandar Class
173. Experimental Investigations of Colloidal Silica Grouting in 2009 T. Bolisetti; S.Reitsma; and R. Balachandar Class
174. Control of coupled hysteretic dynamics of ferroelectric materials with a Landau-type differential model and feedback linearization 2009 L. Wang, R. Melnik Modelling dynamics of coupled systems for nanotechnology, biological and stochastic applications
175. Coupled electromechanical effects in II-VI group finite length semiconductor nanowires 2009 S. Patil, R. Melnik Modelling dynamics of coupled systems for nanotechnology, biological and stochastic applications
176. Temporary Increases in Tariffs and Investment: The Chilean Case 2009 Hiroyuki Kasahara Dynamic Optimization
177. The quest for the elusive carbodiimide ion and its generation by proton-transport catalysis 2009 K.J. Jobst, G. Dimopoulos-Italiano, P. Gerbaux, P.J.A. Ruttink, J.K. Terlouw Computational Chemistry
178. Differentiation of the pyridine radical cation from its distonic isomers by ion-molecule reactions with dioxygen 2009 K.J. Jobst, J. De Winter, R. Flammang, J.K. Terlouw, P. Gerbaux Computational Chemistry
179. Replication of genetic associations with plasma lipoproteins and triglycerides in a multi-ethnic sample using a targeted cardiovascular SNP microarray. 2009 Lanktree MB, Anand SS, Yusuf S, Hegele RA. Genetic Linkage Analysis
180. Analysis of a tripartite Bell-inequality for 3-qubit states 2009 S. Ghose, N. Sinclair, S. Debnath and A. Kabra Quantum Information, Quantum Optics