Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2008

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
141. Temperature dependent vibrational spectra and bond dynamics in hydrogenated amorphous silicon 2008 I. M. Kupchak, F. Gaspari, A.I. Shkrebtii, and J. M. Perz Condensed Matter Physics
142. Three-dimensional Simulation of Magnetized Cloud Fragmentation Induced by Nonlinear Flows and Ambipolar Diffusion 2008 T. Kudoh, S. Basu Interstellar Matter
143. Interplay of Unsaturated Phospholipids and Cholesterol in Membranes: Effect of Double Bond Position 2008 Hector Martinez-Seara, Tomasz Róg, Marta Pasenkiewicz-Gierula, Ilpo Vattulainen, Mikko Karttunen, Ramon Reigada Biophysics
144. Phosphorylation of osteopontin peptides mediates adsorption to and incorporation into calcium oxalate crystals 2008 Maria Sammalkorpi, Mikko Karttunen, Mikko Haataja Biophysics
145. Phosphorylation of osteopontin peptides mediates adsorption to and incorporation into calcium oxalate crystals 2008 Jason O'Young, Sara Chirico, Nehal Al Tarhuni, Bernd Grohe, Mikko Karttunen, Harvey A. Goldberg, Graeme K. Hunter Biomineralization Biophysics
146. Dynamical Scaling Exponents for Polymer Translocation through a Nanopore 2008 Kaifu Luo, Santtu T.T. Ollila, Ilkka Huopaniemi, Tapio Ala-Nissila, Pawel Pomorski, Mikko Karttunen, See-Chen Ying, Aniket Bhattacharya Biophysics
147. Influence of cis double bond parameterization on lipid membrane properties: How seemingly insignificant details in force change even qualitative trends 2008 H. Martinez-Seara, T. Rog, M. Karttunen, R. Reigada, I. Vattulainen Biophysics
148. Comparison of cholesterol and its direct precursors along the biosynthetic pathway: Effects of cholesterol, desmosterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol on saturated and unsaturated lipid bilayers 2008 Tomasz Róg, Ilpo Vattulainen, Maurice Jansen, Elina Ikonen, Mikko Karttunen Biophysics
149. Aster formation and rupture transition in semi-flexible fiber networks with mobile cross-linkers 2008 Jan A. Aström, P.B S. Kumar, M. Karttunen Biophysics
150. Nonlinear driven response of a phase-field crystal in a periodic pinning potential 2008 C. Achim, J. Ramos, M. Karttunen, K. Elder, E. Granato, T. Ala-Nissila, S. Ying Biophysics
151. High-precision spectroscopy as a test of quantum electrodynamics in light atomic systems 2008 G.W.F. Drake and Z.-C. Yan Theoretical atomic and molecular physics Theoretical Physics
152. High precision atomic theory for Li and Be+: QED shifts and isotope shifts 2008 Z.-C. Yan, W. Nortershauser, and G.W.F. Drake Theoretical atomic and molecular physics Theoretical Physics
153. First Penning-trap mass measurement of the exotic halo nucleus 11-Li 2008 M. Smith, M. Brodeur, T. Brunner, S. Ettenauer, A Lapierre, R. Ringle, V.L. Ryjkov, F. Ames, P. Bricault, G.W.F. Drake, P. Delheij, D Lunney, and J. Dilling Theoretical Physics
154. Nuclear Charge Radii of 7,9,10Be and the one-neutron halo nucleus 11Be 2008 W. Nortershauser, D. Tiedemann, M. Zakova, Z. Andjelkovic, K. Blaum,M. L. Bissell, R. Cazan, G.W.F. Drake, Ch. Geppert, M. Kowalska, J. Kramer, A. Krieger, R. Neugart, R. Sanchez, F. Schmidt-Kaler, Z.-C. Yan, D. T. Yordanov, and C. Zimmermann Theoretical Physics
155. Hyperfine Suppression of 2 3S1 - 3 3PJ Transitions in 3He 2008 I.A. Sulai, Qixue Wu, M. Bishof, G.W.F. Drake, Z.-T. Lu, P. Mueller,1 and R. Santra Theoretical Physics
156. Solutions to the Oberwolfach Problem for orders 18 to 40 2008 A. Deza, F. Franek, W. Hua, M. Meszka, A. Rosa High Performance Computing
157. A Document Driven Methodology for Improving the Quality of a Parallel Mesh Generation Toolbox 2008 W. Spencer Smith and Wen Yu Software Engineering
158. Access and Binding of Local Anesthetics in the Closed Sodium Channel 2008 Bruhova I, Tikhonov DB, Zhorov BS Biophysics
159. Accuracy of recent potential energy surfaces for the He–N2 interaction. II. Molecular beam scattering and bulk gas relaxation phenomena 2008 Jamie Sanchez-Fortún Stoker, Ashok K. Dham, Frederick R. W. McCourt, Alan S. Dickinson Computational Chemistry
160. A comparative multi-property analysis of existing models for the He-N2 potential energy surface 2008 T. Stoecklin, A. Voronin, Ashok K. Dham, Jamie Sanchez-Fortún Stoker, Frederick R. W. McCourt Computational Chemistry