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1. Ab initio simulations of peptide-mineral interactions 2010 S. Hug, G.K. Hunter, H.A. Goldberg and M. Karttunen Biomineralization
2. The flexible polyelectrolyte hypothesis of protein-biomineral interaction 2010 G.K. Hunter, J. O’Young, B. Grohe, M. Karttunen and H.A. Goldberg Biomineralization
3. Role of electrostatics and conformation in protein-crystal interactions 2010 P.V. Azzopardi, J. O'Young, G. Lajoie, M. Karttunen, H.A. Goldberg and G.K. Hunter. Biomineralization
4. Phosphorylation of Ser136 is critical for potent bone sialoprotein-mediated nucleation of hydroxyapatite crystals 2010 G.S. Baht, J. O’Young, A. Borovina, H. Chen, C.E. Tye, M. Karttunen, G. Lajoie, G.K. Hunter and H.A. Goldberg Biomineralization
5. Phosphorylation of osteopontin peptides mediates adsorption to and incorporation into calcium oxalate crystals 2008 Jason O'Young, Sara Chirico, Nehal Al Tarhuni, Bernd Grohe, Mikko Karttunen, Harvey A. Goldberg, Graeme K. Hunter Biomineralization Biophysics
6. Control of Calcium Oxalate Crystal Growth by Face-Specific Adsorption of an Osteopontin Phosphopeptide 2007 B Grohe, J O'Young, DA Ionescu, G Lajoie, KA Rogers, M Karttunen, HA Goldberg, GK Hunter Biomedical Modeling and Simulation Biomineralization Biophysics
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