Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2009

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
101. SCTP, XTP and TCP as Transport Protocols for High Performance Computing on Multi-Cluster Grid Environments 2009 Diogo Viegas, R.P. Mendonça, Mario Dantas, Michael Bauer Distributed Systems
102. Toward Resource Management in Multi-Cluster Grid Configurations Through an Ontology-Fuzzy Approach 2009 D. J. Ferreira, A. Silva, M. Dantas, J. Qin and M. Bauer Distributed Systems
103. The Price Consideration Model of Brand Choice 2009 Andrew Ching, Tülin Erdem, Michael Keane Economic Modelling
104. PICKY: an SVD-based spectra peak picking method 2009 B. Alipanahi, X. Gao, E. Karakoc, L. Donaldson, A. Gutmanas, C. Arrowsmith, and M. Li Bioinformatics
105. Predicting local quality of a sequence-structure alignment 2009 X. Gao, J. Xu, S. C. Li, and M. Li Bioinformatics
106. Predicting local quality of a sequence-structure alignment 2009 X. Gao, J. Xu, S. C. Li, M. Li Bioinformatics
107. Improving consensus contact prediction via server correlation reduction 2009 X Gao, D Bu, J Xu, M Li Bioinformatics
108. A probabilistic graphical model for protein ab initio folding 2009 F Zhao, J Peng, J DeBartolo, K Freed, T Sosbnick, J Xu Bioinformatics
109. Numerical Orbital Fourier Space Approach to Polymer Band-Structure Calculations 2009 J.D. Talman, J. Delhalle, J.G. Fripiat Computational Chemistry
110. Improving reptation quantum Monte Carlo 2009 W.K. Yuen, D.G. Oblinsky, R.G. Giacometti, S.M. Rothstein Computational And Theoretical Chemistry
111. Procrustean rotation in concert with principal component analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories: Quantifying global and local differences between conformational samples 2009 D.G. Oblinsky, B.M.B. VanSchouwen, H.L. Gordon, S.M. Rothstein Computational And Theoretical Chemistry
112. NumSBT: A subroutine for calculating spherical Bessel transfoms numerically 2009 James D. Talman Computational Chemistry
113. Spin Glass Transition at Nonzero Temperature in a Disordered Dipolar Ising System: The Case of LiHoxY{1-x}F4 2009 Ka-Ming Tam, Michel J.P. Gingras Condensed Matter Physics
114. Correlating cation coordination, stiffness, phase transition pressures, and smart materials behavior in metal phosphates 2009 D. Shakhvorostov, M.H. Muser, N.J. Mosey, Y. Song, P.R. Norton Computational Chemistry
115. Ab initio LDA+U prediction of the tensile properties of chromia across multiple length scales 2009 N.J. Mosey, E.A. Carter Computational Chemistry
116. Shear strength of chromia across multiple length scales: An LDA+U study 2009 N.J. Mosey, E.A. Carter Computational Chemistry
117. A Computational Experiment of the Endo versus Exo Preference in a Diels-Alder Reaction 2009 C.N. Rowley, T.K. Woo, N.J. Mosey Computational Chemistry
118. Dependence of Mechanochemical Effects on the Locations of Pulling Points 2009 A., Bailey, N.J., Mosey Computational Chemistry
119. Simulation studies of the trace amine, 2PE diffusing through a neuronal membrane 2009 Nickel, J., Berry, M. D. and Tomberli B Biophysics
120. Trace amines and their receptors comprise a novel aminergic signalling system, 2009 M. D. Berry, J. Nickel and B. Tomberli Biophysics