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1. Career Progression and Comparative Advantage 2011 Shintaro Yamaguchi Economic Modelling
2. The Effect of Match Quality and Specific Experience on Career Decisions and Wage Growth 2010 Shintaro Yamaguchi Economic Modelling
3. The Asset Location Puzzle: Taxes Matter 2009 Jie Zhou Economic Modelling
4. The Price Consideration Model of Brand Choice 2009 Andrew Ching, Tülin Erdem, Michael Keane Economic Modelling
5. A Bayesian Mixed Logit-probit Model for Multinomial Choice 2008 M Burda, M Harding, J Hausman Economic Modelling
6. Wage Flexibility in Turbulent Times: A Practiotioner's Guide, with an Application to Poland 2008 Shintaro Yamaguchi Economic Modelling
7. Dynamic Solvency Tests and Contagion in the Property and Casualty Insurance Companies 2007 S Wang, M Davison, D Leadbetter and L Anderson Economic Modelling
8. Correcting the Monte Carlo Optimal Stopping Bias 2007 T Whitehead, R M Reesor and M Davison Economic Modelling
9. Valuing Hydrological Forecasts for a Pump Storage Facility 2007 G. Zhao and M. Davison Economic Modelling
10. Multi-Dimensional Stochastic Dynamic Portfolio Optimization with Transaction Costs 2007 M. Thompson and M. Davison Economic Modelling
11. Natural Gas Storage Valuation and Optimization: A Real Options Application 2007 M. Thompson, Henning Rasmussen, and Matt Davison Economic Modelling
12. A Bias-reduction Technique for Monte Carlo Pricing of Early-exercise Options 2007 T. Whitehead, M. Davison and R.M. Reesor Economic Modelling
13. When Does Variable Power Pricing Alter the Behavior of Hydroelectric Facility Operators? 2007 G. Zhao and M. Davison Economic Modelling
14. Modeling air traveller choice behaviour 2007 Andrew Tron, Lloyd McCoomb, Mark Nowicki, Peter Kowal Economic Modelling
15. Labor Supply, Wealth Dynamics, and Marriage Decisions 2006 Maurizio Mazzocco and Shintaro Yamaguchi Economic Modelling
16. Valuation and Optimal Control of Electrical Power Plants in Deregulated Markets 2004 M Thompson, M Davison, and H Rasmussen Economic Modelling
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