Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2008

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
81. Heuristic algorithms for Hadamard matrices with two circulant cores 2008 Chiarandini, M.; Kotsireas, I. S.; Koukouvinos, C.; Paquete, L. Computer Algebra
82. Periodic complementary binary sequences of length 50 2008 Kotsireas, I. S.; Koukouvinos, C. Computer Algebra
83. Inequivalent Hadamard matrices of order 100 constructed from two circulant submatrices 2008 Kotsireas, I. S.; Koukouvinos, C. Computer Algebra
84. Effective Thermal Properties of the Solid Bed in Extrusion Machinery 2008 P.A. Moysey, A. Al Otaibi, K.L. Cloet, M.R. Thompson Chemical Engineering
85. A Bayesian Mixed Logit-probit Model for Multinomial Choice 2008 M Burda, M Harding, J Hausman Economic Modelling
86. Using Feature-based Fitness Evaluation in Symbolic Regression with Added Noise 2008 Janine Imada and Brian J. Ross.
87. Lawstat: an R package for law, public policy and biostatistics 2008 Hui, W., Gel, Y. and J. L. Gastwirth. Simulation and Modeling
88. Late stage, non-equilibrium dynamics in the dipolar Ising model 2008 Tom Hosiawa and A.B. MacIsaac Condensed Matter Physics
89. A Canted Stripe Phase near the Spin Reorientation Transition in Ultra Thin Magnetic Films 2008 J.P. Whitehead, A.B. MacIsaac and K. De'Bell, Condensed Matter Physics
90. High Performance Computing in Canada: The Early Chapters 2008 Allan MacIsaac and Mark Whitmore Condensed Matter Physics
91. Three-photon annihilation of the electron-positron pairs 2008 Alexei M Frolov Physics
92. Compact wave functions for the four-electron atomic systems 2008 Alexei M Frolov and David M Wardlaw Physics
93. The Z^{-1} expansions of the total non-relativistic energies for three- and four-electron systems 2008 Alexei M Frolov and David M Wardlaw Physics
94. A Biomimetic Approach to Oxidized Sites in the Xanthine Oxidoreductase Family: Synthesis and Stereochemistry of Tungsten(VI) Analogue Complexes 2008 S Groysman, J-J Wang, R Tagore, S C Lee, R H Holm Inorganic Chemistry
95. A Study on the Extension of a VOF/PLIC Based method to a Curvilinear Co-orinate System 2008 W. Jang, J. Jilesen, F.S. Lien and H. Ji Fluid Mechanics
96. A Robust and Efficient Hybrid Cut-Cell/Ghost-Cell Method with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Moving Boundaries on Irregular Domains 2008 H. Ji, F.S. Lien and E. Yee Fluid Mechanics
97. A lab-on-CD prototype for high-speed blood separation 2008 A3. Jinlong Zhang, Qiuquan Guo, Mei Liu and Jun Yang Biomedical Modeling and Simulation
98. Velocity fluctuations in dense granular flows 2008 J.J. Drozd, C. Denniston Condensed Matter Physics
99. Fixation probabilities for lytic viruses: the attachment-lysis model 2008 Z. Patwa, L.M. Wahl Mathematical Biology
100. Effects of shock parameters on upstream energetic electron burst events 2008 Yuan X., I. H. Cairns, L. Trichtchenko, R. Rankin Scientific Computing