Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2005

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
21. 2003 Alfred Bader Award Lecture. Predicting the rates of chemical reactions. 2005 Guthrie, J.P. Computational Chemistry
22. Platypus: A platform for distributed answer set solving 2005 Gressmann J., T. Janhunen, R. E. Mercer, T. Schaub, S. Thiele, and R. Tichy Logic Programming
23. Interactive Parallel Visualization of Large Particle Datasets 2005 K. Liang, P. Monger, H.M.P. Couchman Cosmology
24. Atomistic Simulations on the Interface Bonding Between Aluminum and Silicon Surfaces 2005 L. Inci, V. Stoilov, A. Alpas Materials Simulations
25. Scaling of domain size during spinodal decomposition: dislocation discreetness and mobility effects 2005 13. Mikko Haataja, Jennifer Mahon, Nikolas Provatas and Francois Leonard Materials Simulations
26. Modelling Steel Scrap melting in EAF Steel making 2005 14. Jianghua Li, Geoff Brooks* and Nikolas Provatas Materials Simulations
27. Multiscale Modeling of Solidification: From Phase-Field Methods to Adaptive Mesh Refinement 2005 11. Nikolas Provatas*, Michael Greenwood, Badri Athreya, Nigel Goldenfeld and Jonathan Dantzig Materials Simulations
28. Structural model and electronic structure of the icosahedral Al-Ga-Pd-Mn quasicrystal 2005 E. S. Zijlstra, S.K. Bose, and J. Dolinsek Condensed Matter Physics
29. Ab initio study of icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn quasicrystals: Structural model, electric field gradients, and negative valence of Mn 2005 E. S. Zijlstra, S.K. Bose, M. Klanjsek, P. Jeglic, and J. Dolinsek Condensed Matter Physics
30. Simulated silica 2005 I. Saika-Voivod, F. Sciortino, T. Grande, P.H. Poole Materials Simulations
31. A Conic Decompositions Approach for Semidefinite Programming 2005 K. Krishnan, G. Plaza and T. Terlaky Optimization
32. OSI Network-layer Abstraction Analysis of Simulation Dynamics and Performance Indicators 2005 A.T. Lawniczak, A. Gerisch and B. Di Stefano Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
33. Netzwerk: Migration of a Packet-Switching Network Simulation Environment from MS Windows PC to Linux PC and to HPC 2005 A.T. Lawniczak, A. Gerisch, K.P. Maxie and B. Di Stefano Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
34. Forecasting lift and drag on a circular cylinder at Re=106 using point pressure data and a fuzzy ARTMAP neural network 2005 J. Ferrer-Gener, G.A. Kopp, Francesc Giralt and J. Galsworthy Fluid Dynamics
35. Molecular Simulations of Aqueous Electrolyte Solubility: 1. The Expanded Ensemble Osmotic Molecular Dynamics Method for the Solution Phase 2005 M. Lisal, W.R. Smith, J. Kolafa Materials Simulations
36. Monte Carlo adiabatic simulation of equilibrium reacting systems: The ammonia synthesis reaction 2005 M. Lisal, M. Bendova, W.R. Smith Materials Simulations
37. A lightweight, scalable grid computing framework for parallel bioinformatics applications 2005 H. De Sterck, R. Markel and R. Knight Scientific Computing
38. The Mechanism of 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Cyclopropanes and Nitrones: A Theoretical Study 2005 D. Wanapun, K.A. Van Gorp, N.J. Mosey, M.A. Kerr, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
39. Molecular Mechanisms of Anti-Wear Pad Formation and Functionality 2005 N.J. Mosey, M.H. Muser, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
40. Mechanism of Wear Inhibition by ZDDP Lubricant Additives - Insights from Molecular Scale Simulations 2005 N.J. Woo, T.K. Woo, M.H. Muser Computational Chemistry